Rep. Koffa Promises Improved Healthcare for Sassastown


Sasstown, Grand Kru – The Dono Nimene Memorial Hospital in Upper Sasstown, Grand Kru County providing health care for mothers and children was promised a ‘big boost’ for an effective health delivery. 

The hospital caters for residents in the eight communities in Sasstown and also residents of surroundings villages.

The promised was made by Representative Jonathan Fonati Koffa.

The hospital, which was built in 2007 by the government of Liberia, has 18 staff ranging from janitors to the Officer-in-Charge (OIC).

Dr. Flomo Dorbor, Medical Doctor of the Dono Nimene Memorial Hospital in Sasstown and Rally Time Hospital in Barclayville, Grand Kru County, informed the District Representative that Dono hospital needs new facilities and preferably erection of a new hospital to replace the deteriorating tarpaulin structure.

Lacks of lighting system and furniture for the nurses, doctors and patients are part of the many challenges faced by staffs and patients of the clinic. 

Koffa made the promise on Wednesday, January 2 when he paid a courtesy visit to the health center. Dr. Dorbor also told the lawmaker that the hospital also lacks a utility vehicle as well as medicine and medical equipment (or tools).

Another challenge put forth to the Representative, is to do all he can working along with his colleagues in the legislature, to prevail on health authorities to place some of the staff on government payroll.

Dono hospital Administrator Blamoh Sieh disclosed that the hospital is vulnerable without fence and sometimes they hardly cook for the staff and patients because of the shortage of food. 

Physician Assistant (PA) Martin Sengbe, Registered Nurse (RN) Janetta W. O’Dorbor and the Operation Room (OR) Technician and Supervisor Albert Togba separately thanked Rep. Koffa for his contribution and urged him to lobby with his colleagues and kinsmen including President George M. Weah, Dr. Francis Tetteh, Minister Eugene Nagbe, Sen. Peter Coleman, Mr. John Weah and other for support to the clinic.

“Please tell them to come home and help with the hospital. We need to change the tarpaulin structure. We also need drugs, utility cars, operating tools, food, lighting and hospital materials,” Sengbe added. 

Janetta disclosed that daily the hospital receives at least 26 patients but when there are drugs, it receives at least 93 patients. Residents from other statutory districts including Jloh, Kplio, Buah, Forpoh and Jrao also come here.

In response, Rep. Koffa expressed his regrets but promised to provide additional solar panel for lighting and monthly food for the staff and patients. He also promised to lobby with his kinsmen including the President. 

“The President will be coming in Sasstown hopefully in March. l know he will reach this hospital. About the salary and incentive, l will check out with the Ministry of Health,” Rep. Koffa said. 

“Also, by March, I will be here, too. We will discuss how we can finalize about vehicle and if need be probably myself might provide the vehicle before the end of this year.” 

“Am impressed on the cleanliness of the hospital and the treatments they offer. There are lots of good news about this hospital and l can assure them that l will carry the news to our people to help the hospital to save more lives and continuously provide quality health delivery service,” he told journalists at the end of his tour.  

Two of the patients and parents, Munah Dorbor, 28 and Elizabeth Nah, 39, testified to the importance of the health center in the area by telling journalists about their experiences during childbirth. “Sometimes when we come here, after examining us, we only get the names of the medicine. We want our people in the city to help us with medicines,” Elizabeth said. 

Munah also narrated the difficulties face in getting treatment during night hours. “Coming to the hospital at night is very bad and most of us are turned down by the hospital. The light at the hospital sometimes goes off and the whole place is dark. So when we even knock at the nurse’s quarter to open because of the darkness, and safety of themselves, they do not come outside except on extreme cases.

“The doctor, nurses and other people working at the hospital are doing well for us. Representative Koffa’s donation of the generator and fuel is helping, but the hospital need additional two generators.”