Rep. Koffa Outlines Projects for Implementation



Report by Hnery Karmo, [email protected]

Monrovia – Grand Kru County District # 2 Rep. Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa on Wednesday, May 30th, released a proposed list of 41 diverse projects, at the cost of US$784,500 following request from at least 40,000 citizens

The Grand Kru County lawmaker said his list is a set of requests solicited when he toured the district after his successful election in the 2017 Presidential and Representatives Elections.

According to the Grand Kru lawmaker’s office, he will be committed to undertaking the 41 projects, which might be earmarked in 18 communities in Electoral District # 2.

He clarified that the proposed projects are separate from the housing projects he’s already involved with. He aims to provide shelter for 60 elderly and their respective families.

Rep. Koffa, who chairs the House’s Judiciary Committee, stated that the projects will be executed through the Legislative Special Project (LSP), and his organization — Anteenah.

He furthered explained that the LSP will implement 29, while Anteenah will do 12 projects. He informed that 24 of the projects have been scheduled to begin in 2019 and would be completed by 2024.

On his list, Nyankukpoe Town’s eight projects include, construction of Youth Center (US$100,000), a Junior High School (US$30,000), five hand pumps and two pit latrines (US$8,000), and Office space for Revenue Court (US$500).

Others are instructional and Educational Materials (US$2,500), generator for Administrative Building (US$250), construction of town hall (US$15,000) and construction of maternity center (US$5,000).

Also in the town of Bolloh Weayan, a six-classroom building will be constructed (US$25,000); construction of town hall (US$15,000); construction of market building (US$15,000) and the erection of two pit latrines and five hand pumps (US$8,000).

For the town of Bolloh Jleteken, a six-classroom construction of the building (US$25,000) and the construction of market building and 100 armed chairs, each at US$15,000 respectively.

In Bollor Doeswen, there will be construction of a road to connect Poe and Bollor Nyankupoe (US$15,000 respectively) and purchase of 100 armed chairs and water machine at US$15,000 and US$5,000 respectively as well as, the renovation of Sasstown High School (US$150,000) and the George T.  Worjloh Elementary School (US$25,000) in Sasstown.

Further projects include the construction of bridge in Jekwigbo (US$25,000); the construction of Guest House in Down Beach (US$25,000), fencing of the graveyard of Juah Nimely Herbes Memorial in Felorken (US$25,000), the construction of elementary school in Dayokpo (US$25,000) and the construction of a six-classroom building in Nyenbetee (US$25,000).

“The reminding projects are the construction of a town hall in Barfowen (US$15,000), 25 bags of cement for church building (US$200), construction of clinics (US$25,000) in Kaykpo and the construction of town hall (US$25,000) in Wargbo.

“While In Plurluken City, a rural women empowerment project of (US$20,000); construction of guest house (US$25,000); construction of market building (US$15,000) and the erection of five hand pumps and two pit latrines (US$8,000) are expected to be undertaken.

“In the Wlapuken Town, there will also be a rehabilitation of road from Changbeboe to Doleken (US$15,000), 150 armed chairs (US$2,250), construction of market building (UD$15,000); construction of youth center (US$10,000) and the erection of five hand pumps and two pit latrines. The erection of five hand pumps and two pit latrines will also be installed and constructed in New Town.

“Lastly, there will be a construction of a guest house (US$25,000) in Gee City and in Kayken Town, there will be the erection of a day-care center (US$15,000) and a scholarship package (US$25,000).”