Quardu Gboni District Citizens Petition Cllr. Jallah to Contest 2020 Senatorial Election


Quardu Gboni, Lofa County – Digging deep into the Quardu Gboni District, a predominantly Mandingo and Muslim entrenched territory, Cllr. Joseph Jallah took his opponents by surprise and scored a huge political goal when chiefs, elders, women and youth groups residing in the district reaffirmed their uncompromising support towards his 2020 senatorial bid.

The move by the citizens of Quardu Gboni is a high-pitched blow to incumbent District #4 Representative Mariamu B. Fofana, a daughter of the same region. She is said to be anticipating similar political quest.

It was a moment of jubilation and merrymaking by Quardu Gboni citizens when Cllr. Jallah stepped down from his vehicle dressed in black suit as everyone who had converge in the historic town of Konadu belonging to the traditionally powerful Kamara family who rushed to meet the counselor and his entourage at the outskirts of the town before marching through the town to the football pitch where a formal ceremony was held. Further, the voice of the Kamaras is the most powerful voice nowadays in the Muslim-dominated Mandingo Chiefdom that no politician dares disobey or have yourself to blame in the future. They are at the foundation of Cllr. Jallah’s petition as the district’s choice.

At a well-attended year-end ceremony on Dec 27, 2018, the citizens petitioned Cllr. Jallah to contest as a formidable candidate in the pending 2020 senatorial election in Lofa County.

In their petition statement, they noted that they have observed over the years that Lofa County has been left behind in terms of development, which they believe is due to the lack of proper representation of their leaders.

The Quardu Gboni citizens described Cllr. Jallah as a charismatic, reputable, humble, unifier, philanthropist and industrious leader and a true son of Lofa County who has been with his people throughout difficult and peaceful times, including Ebola, assistance to students at the community college, etc.

“In view of the aforementioned, we the citizens of Quardu Gboni District, without fear and constraints have unanimously resolved to endorse Cllr. Joseph K. Jallah to contest in the forthcoming senatorial election in 2020 in Lofa County, which we believe he can properly represent us and unify us as one people in this county,” the statement noted.

In response, Cllr. Jallah thanked the people of Quardu Gboni and informed them that he will not let them down if he is given the mantle of authority to represent the county at the Liberian Senate.

He, however, reminded them of greedy politicians, who want all the positions from Representative to Senator with no proven ability or record of accomplishment to perform.

“Nobody should come and try to tell us that when they are not in charge you will not go anywhere, that’s not possible. Nobody should come and try to make it appear that they are the only ones who went to school and can speak English to represent us. Therefore, I am only a child of yours. You are only trying to choose one child at a time for one purpose,” said Cllr. Jallah.

It can be recalled that in 2011, Cllr. Jallah contested the Lofa County senatorial election and finished third in the race. He again, contested the 2014 mid-term election but obtained a second slot position with 8,554, constituting 17.5%. At the time, citizens of Quardu Gboni initially supported his senatorial bid but later supported Alhaji Kromah, a prominent son of that district. After Kromah’s defeat, a delegation from Quardu Gboni went to Kolahun and met with chiefs and elders including the late Sekou Dudu to inform them about their willingness to support Cllr. Jallah should he contest in the 2020 senatorial election. This is the background to this petition.