Nimba District # 4 Rep. Breaks Ground For School In ‘Deserted Town’

Rep. Gunpue Kargon (Blue suit) , Rep, Prince Y. Moye and other representatives of the Legislative caucus during the groundbreaking ceremony








Nimba County – For over 50 years, a town that has allegedly been denied county’s development fund has received its first major development from Nimba District # 4 Representative Gunpue L. Kargon.

The District # 4 Representative who is widely known as, ‘Dubai King’ in every village and town from Ganta City to his hometown broke ground for a six-classroom Elementary School in Gbor-Gbawain Town followed by a Clinic and school in two different towns.

Representative Gunpue L. Kargon arrived late afternoon on Friday, June 14, 2018 in Nimba, Ganta City and was favorably received by some of his supporters residing in Ganta who urged him to stay in power for 12yrs or run for the next junior senatorial seat for 2020.

The crowd was rejoicing, calling him names like, “Dubai King”, “Whiteman Representative”, the David of District # 4 among others, along border towns and villages of Bong and Nimba County prior to and including his arrival in  Ghanata City.

According to Rev. Arthur Gboweh, the town has been abandoned by officials of the district to include Garrison Yealue who was defeated during the October 10 2017 elections by Rep. Kargon.

He further stated that “None of them ever came back after we voted, but Kargon is different and we will vote him the second time”.

In recent time Rep. Kargon met with the Chinese Ambassador, Fu Jijum and made some recommendations to include the provision of scholarships for the less fortunate youth to attend secondary school, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate, trade institutions in and out of the country.

Rep. Kargon has also negotiated with the Chinese Ambassador to provide opportunities in agriculture for local farmers and to establish link with Chinese agriculture companies to invest in district # 4.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representative, Prince Y. Moye pointed out that the bridge leading to the town is challenging and will recommend that the House insert a budget for its construction.

He made an initial contribution of twelve bundles of zinc, 100 bags of cement, and 200,000LD during the groundbreaking ceremony.