Negligent Homicide Charge Looms Over LAC After Discovery of Dead ‘Missing Man’


Grand Bassa County – The lifeless body of a man who reportedly went missing on the rubber plantation of the Liberian Agricultural Company has been discovered, according to Vicent Willie, Representative of District #4, where the company is located in Grand Bassa County.

Fallah Kettor, believe to be in his mid-40s, was an employee of Liberia’s second largest rubber company. He went missing after he reportedly walked out of the company’s hospital at 3 Am on Sunday, March 24.

When his body was discovered at 11:45 pm Friday, family sources told FrontPageAfrica via mobile phone that several parts of his body were extracted, including his testicles, neck bone, eyes, and his nose.

“They (police) laid the man on his stomach and at the back of his neck we saw the backbone out… the body was discovered right behind the hospital where the man went,” explains James Saah, a relative of the deceased, who was on the scene when the body was discovered.

“After the police inspected the body they found a hole on his chest and at the back of his neck side … the eyes were moved and the nose was not there also, and then the CID commander called for a razor blade and when he turned the man over and tore his trousers, his seed (testicles) was also missing and we saw some of his intestines outside.”

FPA has not been able to independently varify these accounts.

The body was reportedly discovered when two spiritists were taken on the plantation to help with the search for the missing man after almost a week of frantic searching.

After the body was found, Police set up a 15 man coroner jury to examine the body, s source on the plantation said.

At the same time, Mr. Saah says while the family is relying on the intervention of its District Representative, they are also demanding more answers from the management of LAC “to know the doer of the act”.

“We are saying that we want to know the doer of the act before the body is bury… because the family wants to protest and stop work on the plantation until the doer is arrested,” he says.

He claims that the LAC management “doesn’t want to come to the family” to respond to their concern.

“The man was not at the house when he got missing but he got missing in the hospital and the company is responsible because he was discovered dead near their hospital.”

The management has ignored several attempts from Frontpage Africa to get comments regarding the ongoing situation.

According to sources on the plantation, Kettor was admitted at the company’s main hospital for a week and he was being treated by the medical staff before he went missing.

The only plantation security guard assigned at the health facility when the man reportedly walked out of the facility, told authorities that the missing man might have used the back entrance because he didn’t see him leave the premises.

Kettor was a full-time employee covered by free medical services provided by the company – which means he could not have absconded to evade medical bills.

Meanwhile, FPA has gathered from police sources that LAC might be charged for negligent homicide because “they did not protect their patient, who was last seen at the hospital, so it means that the hospital is not even safe for its patients.”

A police source says the ongoing investigation will be concluded in the coming days and the report will be made known to the family

But tension is increasing on the plantation following the discoverer of the body.

Hon. Willie says he had asked the police to calm the situation but the tension was so high that he asked the police that the body is removed, “so we took the body to Buchanan.”

“The Police are still investigating but the family is demanding that they want Sorcerer to identify the perpetrator but I am saying that I don’t have the power to do so, maybe they can ask the tarditional chiefs,” Hon. Willie told FPA via mobile phone from the plantation, where he had gone to intervene.