Margibi Lawmaker Ben Fofana Presents Legislative Annual Report to Constituents


MARGIBI COUNTY – Representative Ben A. Fofana has presented his legislative annual report to his constituents on his stewardship at the 54th National Legislature with infrastructure and human resource developments topping his accomplishments.

By Yawah Y. Jaivey, Contributor

The Margibi County Electoral District# 4 Representative stated that during the reporting period, there were some gains and challenges.

“We are proud that the successes we made are far more and tangible than the failure we had. And it is the principle of tolerance and accepting and working with people regardless of their political belief that has made it possible.” Rep. Fofana remarked.

Highlights of the report

The Margibi County Lawmaker’s legislative report highlighted his activities from the 53rd to the 54th Legislature due to reported interruption of his regular reporting exercises in the past years.

He mentioned that during the period under review, his office in consultation with his constituents constructed several tangible projects in the district.

Rep. Fofana disclosed that in fulfillment of his political manifestos, his office constructed a police depot and women guest house in Larkayta Township, renovated the elementary annex of the Lango Lippaye High School in Kakata, and constructed an annex to the Cuttington University Junior College in Kakata amongst many others.

Rep. Fofana said: “In the area of manpower development opportunities for students and market women, we aided individual citizens when they needed it most, and we contributed to the construction and renovation of religious facilities in the district and even beyond.”

The Margibi County Electoral District# 4 Representative intimated that he had been able to adequately represent his constituents evident by the introduction of several bills at the National Legislature including An Act seeking to grant the Booker Washington Agricultural and Industrial Institute a technical collage statue and An Act to create the Kakata Administrative District. 

Roadmap for the coming year

He promised that in the coming years, he intends to strengthen relationship with his colleagues to reintroduce and subsequently passed into Law bills that did not pass during the 53rd Legislature.

“We are working to ensure that the welfare of our people stands out, and we are making sure that the standards that we have set in District# 4 remain and sustained. We therefore ask our citizens to join us in achieving these ambitious plans.” Rep Fofana noted. 

He revealed that he has ambitious plans for people of his district noting that he was aware of the many challenges that lie ahead, but he is equally prepared to face them.

Speaking to hundreds of residents and citizens who converged over the weekend in Kakata, Margibi County from cross-section of the district, Rep. Fofana promised to lobby for and identify financial and material resources to help improve the standards of services being provided by health and educational institutions in the district.

The Lawmaker also committed himself in conducting research and communicates with Plenary about issues of national concern, including the Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plan which is expected to electrify parts of Monrovia and Kakata.

Rep. Fofana who also chairs the Margibi County Legislative Caucus promised further to work with the Ministry of Education and his colleagues at the caucus level to find the possibility of expanding the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI) and sustained its ongoing ‘B’ certificate program.