Major Hospital In Nimba County Conducts Free Medical Surgery for Hernia, Goiter Patients


Ganta, Nimba County – The Esther and Jereline Medical Center is conducting free medical treatment for over 700 hernia and goiter patients.

Report By Franklin Doloquee, FPA Nimba County Contributor

The free hernia and goiter treatment, according to the administrator of the hospital,

Mr. Victor Kpaiseh, is sponsored by Nimba County’s District #1 Representative, Mr. Jeremiah Kpain Koung, who is also the CEO for the hospital.

He explained that the hospital now has seven foreign doctors from Spain, who have been joined by few Liberian doctors to carry on the seven-day free surgery for over 700 patients.

The Esther and Jereline Medical Center’s administrator told our Nimba County Contributor that the free surgery is intended to help citizens, who are suffering from hernia and goiter. Some of the patients are also coming from across the borders with Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire.

Mr. Victor Kpaiseh disclosed that the on-going medical surgery brings to six free medical services the hospital has provided for patients.

He disclosed that the hospital is planning to carry on free mobile treatment in the 17 administrative districts in Nimba County, where it is based.

According to Mr. Kpaiseh, his goal as hospital administrator is to save lives and helps people who are medically suffering.

He told our Nimba County Contributor that there is a need for national government to come in and take over the hospital as Ganta City lacks a public hospital.

At the moment, in Ganta City, Esther and Jereline Hospital is the second private medical facility in the city.

Some patients, who were seen by the team of doctors, told this newspaper that they were so grateful for the free surgery that is being provided them by the hospital.

Helena Wehyee and Mary Lucky extended thanks to the hospital.

Our Nimba Contributor said it was the hospital’s influence on the district’s residents that made Representative Koung win representative post for the second time running.

And it is maybe because of it, the Rep. has expressed his desire to contest for the Senate seat in 2020.