‘Mad Lawmakers’: Moniker Instigating Split in Nimba Legislative Caucus


Monrovia – Members of Nimba Legislative Caucus, who are key players in the county’s politics, continue to maintain a bitter relationship characterized by mistrust, accusations and counter-accusations with the caucus’ chair, Senator Prince Y. Johnson, being at the center of the allegation trading.

Senator Johnson recently blasted two lawmakers of the county, branding them as mad lawmakers. The “mad lawmakers” are Representatives Matenokay Tingban and Larry Yanquoi.

Senator Johnson’s comments were in reaction to a recent assertion by Representative Yanquoi in Nimba that the Senator, during the civil conflict in Liberia, killed several Nimba citizens.

Johnson also accused the two lawmakers of plotting to oust him as Senior Senator of the county.

The confusion by the lawmakers has sparked up a serious tension among the Nimba lawmakers after Senator Johnson further stated that he will be sure to flush them out of the Legislature during the 2017 general and Presidential elections.

“I will flush all of them out and they will not be re-elected by the people of Nimba County,” Senator Johnson said recently in Nimba.

Senator Johnson recently vowed to campaign against the re-election of every Nimba lawmaker in 2017 except district #1 Representative, Jeremiah Koon.

Senator Johnson’s statement brought into the debate other lawmakers of Nimba County, thus responding to the Senator.

The split among the lawmakers of the vote rich county is said to be hampering legislative progress in the county with lawmakers of the county in engulfed in a war of words.

Representatives Larry Yanquoi, responding to Senator Johnson’s comments against them, said the Senator is a political liability who continues to utter irresponsible comments against other lawmakers of the county.

Speaking Wednesday on Truth FM flagship program, Rep. Yanquoi said it was unfortunate that the people of Nimba would entrust such an important seat to Senator Johnson who committed heinous crimes against the people of Nimba and Liberia at large.

“Electing Senator Johnson as President of Liberia clearly indicates the denial of the country from international opportunities. The Nimba County Senator has a tainted international record. As such Liberians must not entrust him with the nation’s highest office,” he noted.

Representative Matenokay Tingban, also responding, described the Senator as an unnecessary distraction to the development of Nimba County.

He described the Senator’s comments as irresponsible and asserting that Senator Johnson has misused the respect accorded him over the years.

“For me I am not going to sit and allow Liberians vote for a man like Senator Johnson. He shouldn’t be boasting here that he played a role in our election. He should be responsible in making some of these statements around here,” he noted.

Representative Tingban has since vowed not to support Senator Prince Johnson’s Presidential bid.

Edwin G. Genoway, Jr (231886458910)[email protected]