Liberia: Tappita Residents Benefit from L$1.5 Million Mosque Renovation, Hand Pumps Construction Project


TAPPITA, Nimba County – In an effort to promote peaceful coexistence among his constituents, Rep. Dorwohn Gleekia (Nimba Co. District #6) has embarked on reaching out to minority groups within the district.

On Friday the only mosque within Tappita City, the headquarters of Nimba District #6, was dedicated along with a newly constructed hand pump and turned over to the Muslim community after intensive renovation works.

The projects were funded by Zafer Cevik, Faruk Goksucukur and Husnu Cimen all of Konya City in the Republic of Turkey, in collaboration with Rep. Gleekia.

In addition, they made a commitment to provide funding for the construction of 15 hand pumps to the residents of the area in order to address the problem of safe drinking water.

Speaking at the dedicatory ceremony, Rep. Gleekia explained that on a trip to Turkey recently, he had the opportunity to meet his friends who expressed their desire to come to Liberia and render basic humanitarian assistance.

According to him, just as he lobbies for support on behalf of other sectors and communities whenever the opportunity arises, he decided to engage friends to render support to the Islamic community and the district at large.

The move, he said, is in fulfillment of his campaign promise towards the restoration of the peaceful co-existence that once existed among his people prior to the civil war.

“District #6 in Nimba County has a rich cultural and diverse background, evidence of the many tribes that occupy the area. 

“Before the war, people used to live in peace and harmony. And I believe that we all should work together to restore that peaceful coexistence,” said Rep. Gleekia, who chairs the House Standing Committee on Peace, Religion and National Reconciliation.

“I believe if we include every group in our activities, we will be making progress in our reconciliation drive. Everyone will feel part of the community,” he averred.

He thanked his friends, who flew from Turkey to grace the occasion, for living up to their commitments and urged them to do more for the community.

Rep. Gleekia and House Speaker Bhofal Chambers posed with members of the Turkish delegation shortly before heading to Tappita for the dedicatory exercise

Also speaking on behalf of the delegation, Faruk Goksucukur expressed joy over the invitation by Rep. Gleekia and and warm welcome accorded them. He pledged their commitments to rendering additional support to the district.

Goksucukur noted that the gesture is their initial activities as part of their assessment tour. Now that they have gotten firsthand experience, they will do more to support the education and health sectors. 

He also promised to render basic humanitarian services to the people of the district including the establishment of an orphanage to cater to needs of orphans and needy children.

The residents, including Islamic clerics and local authorities, thanked Representative Gleekia and the delegation for the intervention.

“This is the first lawmaker to have every member of his constituents included in his activities. He recognizes the Muslim community just as he does to the other groups. And because of that the Muslim community is now being recognized by everyone. Thank you Hon. Gleekia,” a grateful Imam Suah of the newly renovated mosque averred. 

The Sheik Kafumba Konneh Foundation for peace also pledged scholarships to 300 students from the district as part of efforts to boost Rep. Gleekia’s education initiatives.   

District #6 in Nimba County is one of the most diverse areas within the region as it is home to several ethnic groups including the Gio, Mano, Krahn, Gbi and the Mandingo, among others.

Following the civil war, the residents have been rebuilding their community and fostering peaceful existence, something their lawmaker said is cardinal towards the development of the district.

Rep. Gleekia, since his election has been in the vanguard of initiating basic development initiatives in the education, health and agriculture sector. Recently, de donated an ambulance to the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Referral Hospital in Tappita and several school materials including marching bands to the school system in Tappita.

He is also providing shelter and scholarships to several students from his district who are attending the Nimba County Community College (NCCC) in Saniquellie, the county’s Capital.