Liberia: Senator Moye Dedicates Projects Worth US$140,000 in Bong


GBARNGA — For several decades, thousands of residents of Gbartala and Goineimah towns in Bong County have been battling multiple constraints preventing them from gathering to collectively discuss issues and find lasting solutions to the numerous challenges confronting them and their respective areas.

The two areas are located in Yellequelleh and Suacoco districts.

The lack of a public hall compelled the locals to reportedly gather under the sun or jammed-packed the homes of their neighbors to hold meetings on pertinent issues relative to their wellbeing.

The youths in the area were also constrained to spend more time on the farm or hunting due to the lack of a recreational center to amuse themselves.

But the barriers were broken during the late afternoon hours of Wednesday, July 27, when the county Senator Prince Kermue Moye constructed and officially turned over two landmark and well-furnished town halls to the locals.

Speaking at separate programs marking the dedication of the newly constructed projects, Senator Moye recounted his struggling days growing up in Gbatala.

He disclosed that the fulfillment of the project in the areas was his own way of giving back to the citizens who have been very supportive and instrumental towards his sojourn.

He recalled that the project in Gbatala commenced after the residents unanimously requested the construction of a hall during his consultation for the senatorial seat of the county in 2019.

“I grew up and sold in the streets of Gbatala as a child. As a way to give back to Gbatala, I first thought it was through business. I brought my first gas station right up the hill, but I felt it was not enough. I came for a meeting here and there was no light; no space and the only thing the citizens told me was, ‘we want a hall’. So, Gbatala being without a sitting place, I thought it wise to honor their request and I have come to say thank you”.

Senator Moye pointed out that though his critics expressed skepticism over the completion of the two landmark projects in the areas following his decision taken to intentional abandon the projects ahead of the senatorial elections, he finally completed the initiatives void of any political reasons.

“The citizens told me that politicians been coming and we been breaking grounds and electing people and so, this other breaking ground should not be a business as usual. At the peak of the 2020 elections, we thought that this was not a political project and so, I didn’t had time to finish the project and the people didn’t bargain on me finishing the project before they could vote for me.”

“I saw my past selling in the streets in this same place and said ‘let me test them’. I stop the project deliberately to see the commitment of the people but this district gave me the highest votes in the whole Bong County”.

Senator Moye disclosed that the construction of the hall is an addition to the mini ambulance provided to the locals to say “thank you for the true love and commitment”.

He named the hall in Gbartala as the “Senator Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa Multipurpose City Hall”, and the one in Gwenima Town as the “Tuah E. Mulbah Community Hall.

He disclosed that the decision taken to name the facilities after these eminent citizens was due to an agreement reached with the locals.

Senator Moye emphasized that his colleague, who is a former President of the Cuttington University in Suacoco, played a pivotal role in providing scholarship opportunities and others to children and duxes of all high schools across the county.

“We took politics out of this project and decided to do something in honor of Dr. Tokpa while he is alive”.

He also dedicated a road he rehabilitated in Palala, Bong County.

Prior to its reconditioning, the road which leads to mayor towns and villages was almost impassable for motorists and pedestrians.

The three projects rehabilitated and dedicated by Senator Moye worth US$140,000.

Also speaking, Senator Tokpa expressed shock over the naming of a project in his honor though he did not provide support from his pockets.

“Senator Moye named his son after me; that’s how deep our friendship is. I want to thank you Honorable Moye and the people for this building. This building will live forever and I want to tell the people of Yellequelleh that I will put foot too one day. I served this county and Liberia wholeheartedly and all of you people know what I did here”.

He lauded the citizens for the decision taken to canvass and vote for his colleague to excel at the level of the Liberian Senate.

For his part, former Vice President Joseph Nyemah Boakai used the occasion to remind young people that the future of the country lies in their hands.

Ambassador Boakai is the Political Leader of the former governing UP.

He said despite the circumstances or conditions they are encountering on a daily basis, Liberians should not forget where they came from.

He maintained that citizens should embrace developments being carried out in their respective communities by their kinsmen and avoid being sway away by others who do not mean well for them.

“Leadership is about giving back to our people and I am not surprise that Senator Moye is always giving back to his people. We should continue to give back to our communities especially naming them after one another. Young people, always remember where you come from”.

Ambassador Boakai further observed that the construction of palava huts to accommodate the locals is a primitive idea and as such, the construction of town halls must be embraced to accommodate citizens as the population in the various communities continue to grow on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, the beneficiaries have lauded Senator Moye for the “dedication of the remarkable projects” that will go a long way down in the history of their communities.

They said the fulfillment of the projects shows the commitment and dedication of Senator Moye towards their wellbeing.

“We have absolutely no regret for making Senator Moye our leader. If election was tomorrow again, we will vote for him again and again. When you are in a relationship with a woman and the woman loves you, you will know”, an elderly man stated in Goineimah Town.