Liberia: Senator Dennis Frowns on Sale of Lands In Grand Gedeh County


MONROVIA – Grand Gedeh County Senator A. Marshall Dennis has strongly condemned the massive sale of lands to aliens in the county.

Without calling names, Senator Marshall alleged that some individuals in the county were fond of selling traditional land that they do not have title to, and the worst case is, those who are buying the lands are individuals who come into the county without legal documents and are entering the county outside of recognized border points.

Speaking Monday when he received a petition of endorsement from a group under the banner “The United Citizens of Grand Gedeh County Residing in Montserrado County, Senator Dennis cautioned those involved in the sale of land in the county to immediately desist, adding “My people, if we do not go against this, few years from now we will not have nothing called forest”.

“The people in the forest whose number we do not know and we say they are making farms for people, they could be there for any intentions, we could be sitting on Town bomb” The Grand Gedeh Senator said.

He pointed out that the traditional forest in Ivory Coast have been destroyed as the result of what he said is currently taking place in the forest of Grand Gedeh.

Senator Dennis: “I do not want MOIZA(BURKINABES) man to vote for me because you whom I am going to govern are the ones who are supposed to vote for me, why should I borrow someone to come and cast vote for me to win election, if that is the only reason why we want to import those people illegally, then I want to plead with some of my political colleagues who have been doing that to desist, because it is not going to help our people, if we cannot help them we should not harm them”.  

He acknowledged that the current situation of harboring aliens in the bushes in Grand Gedeh County poses security threats and of economic deprivation.

In their petition, United Citizens of Grand Gedeh County Residing in Montserrado County highlighted that their bid for Senator Dennis’s re-election arose from his innumerable contributions to the growth and development of Grand Gedeh and Liberia at large.

The group further mentioned that in pursuance of Senator Dennis qualification, they have seen some qualities of immense intellectual power, tenacity of will, and a deep sense of reconciling the Grand Gedeans.

  “Be reminded that it is you who started the reconciliation, we are convinced that you have both political and traditional clout to end it.”