Liberia: Residents of Central Rivercess District Petition Onesimus James


MONROVIA – Residents of Central Rivercess District, Rivercess County have petitioned Mr. Onesimus Koko James of Dowein Clan to contest for the seat in the House of Representatives in the pending 2023 Presidential and General elections.

The citizens comprising youths, elders and women said, in their petition, that as a district that promotes one mind, one objective and single goals of development and as people who are witnessed to the love and care he shows for his people and with the trust he sits in a position to ably represent them at the Legislature and that Is the decision they will make in 2023.

The citizens branded Mr. James “a true son” of Central Rivercess District, Rivercess County who both parents are from the county. “Putting our son on the scale, he weight the required pound for such position to ably represent us in the House of Representatives.

“Even while away from the country he always remembered his people back home he was never carried away by the luxury and comfort of the Whiteman’s land. Our decision now is to do it right for once and we believe electing him will correct some of our wrong decisions.”

In response to the petition, Mr. James acknowledged the citizens’ petition and attributed the backwardness of the county in terms of development to electing wrong people to positions of trust. He promised to work with his people in tackling some of the challenges they are faced with over the years.

According to him, his focus will be empowerment and his method will focus on resources development, local and foreign scholarship.  “We will find scholarship both home and abroad. I want many of my brothers to have similar opportunity I had to study in foreign land.

“Our young sisters I have heard your stories. We will find ways to work with you address some of the challenges. We will work together to achieve some of the dreams but we can only do it together. We need to unite and build our country central government will not do everything.”

Rivercess County is a county in the south-central portion of the West African nation of Liberia. One of 15 counties that compose the first-level of administrative division in the nation, it has six districtsCesstos City serves as the capital with the area of the county measuring 5,594 square kilometres (2,160 sq mi). As of the 2008 Census, it had a population of 71,509, making it the second least populous county in Liberia after Grand Kru County.

Eighth largest in area, the county was created in 1984. It is bordered by Grand Bassa County to the west, Nimba County on the northeast, and Sinoe County to the southeast, while the southern part lies on the Atlantic Ocean.   three offices. His office and the two deputies.