Liberia: Prince Johnson Polytechnic University Set to Open in July 2020

Senator Prince Y. Johnson’s three-story building Polytechnic University is set for opening in July 2020

Ganta, Nimba County – The godfather of Nimba County, Senator Prince Y. Johnson, says he will continue to impact the lives of Nimbaians and other Liberians through education.

According to Senator Johnson, the opening of his PYJ Polytechnic University in July 2020, will help to combat the suffering residents of Nimba go through just to acquire higher education disciplines, which are not offered by other higher education institutions in the county. 

Nimbaians, who may not want to or doesn’t have the means of attending the African Bible College (ABC), a four-year degree-granting higher education institution, most times will have to leave the county and come to Monrovia or stop in Bong County at the Cuttington University before achieving their desire.

With the PYJ Polytechnic University set to open, the huge number of high school graduates who leave the county might now be reduced. 

Speaking further, Sen. Johnson said huge numbers of young people leave the county in search of higher education.

According to the Nimba County lawmaker, God created him for four missions for his county and country. He stated that they include the liberation of his kinsmen and women from tyranny, which according to him has already been done. Also, included in his vision are preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, no ongoing; providing education for the youth of Nimba and the people of Liberia, ongoing also through his schools that he has in Monrovia and now the one to get online in Ganta and the last of his vision is rehabilitating zogos (wayward Liberians) so that they get back into the society as good citizens.

Senator Prince Y. Johnson speaking with journalists, who had joined him to tour his PYJ Polytechnic University

He told the people of the county that the college is a gift to them and other Liberians. He urge them to make use of the university.

He boasted that in the county, his polytechnic is the ‘best structure,’ comprising a teachers’ quarter, dormitory for both girls and boys, a basketball court and others.  

The Senator disclosed plans to bring in foreign instructors from India, the US and other places.

His ambition includes, among others to make the polytechnic to grant graduate degrees in addition to the ones at the undergraduate level. 

The Nimba County Senator noted that he will not be ungrateful to the county because it has made him to be where he is today.

Also speaking, the President of the PYJ Polytechnic University, Dr. Wehyee Gonsahn Mattaldi, said the university will help prepare future leaders of the country through education.

Dr. Mattaldi further stated that in addition to the degree-granting programs, the university will be involved with vocational learning, too. He told journalists that he left the US to come back home and help the Senator in developing the minds of young Liberians, positively.

Dr. Mattaldi promised to reach out to the rest of the country to scout for young Liberians, who would be interested in attending the PYJ Polytechnic University.

Young and old Nimbaians told our correspondent that the coming of the PYJ Polytechnic University will bring a great relief to them and their children.

Especially the older folks in Ganta City, where the polytechnic is located, told this newspaper that this is a very good opportunity for their children.

Nathan Beibli, a money exchanger at the Ganta-Guinea border, told FrontPageAfrica that since he graduated from high school five years ago, he hasn’t been able to go back to school as there is no higher institution of learning in the city. He vowed to do all he can to enroll at the PYJ Polytechnic University since it is located in Ganta. 

Prince Jackson, a motorcyclist, said since he graduated from high school in 2008, he is yet to enroll in a higher of learning.

Some of Jackson’s motorcyclist colleagues joined him in saying that they are not happy seeing themselves doing commercial motorbikes while other young people in their age group are attending higher institutions.