Liberia: President Weah becomes First sitting President to visit Gbi & Duro


Gbi, Nimba County- As part of President George Weah’s ongoing National County tour, the President took a ten-hour historic drive from Tappita to Gbi & Duro, an administrative district in Nimba County.

Since 1847, when Liberia was founded, no sitting President has ever visited the two of the remotest parts of the vote-rich county.

Citizens of Gbi & Duro were seen wearing extra smiles upon the arrival of H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah.

The President and his entourage were overwhelmingly received with an enormous reception.

Residents of the county displayed tradition with great admiration.

In appreciation of President Weah’s visit, he was offered an initial one thousand five hundred (1,500) acres of land for farming by the residents of Gbi & Duro. In his quest to improve the Country’s economy through the Agriculture sector, President Weah immediately set up a team to start cultivating said parcel of land. The land will be used particularly to produce rice and other crops.

Aides say the fruits from touring the Counties are reaping rewards.

The President and team will next head to Grand Gedeh on Friday.