Liberia: Nigerian Found Dead In Ganta, No Suspect Arrested Yet

The late Marcus Wilson’s body was found in a swamp a few-minute walk from his home in the Public Works Yard Community in Ganta City, Nimba County

Ganta, Nimba County – Residents of a community in Ganta City woke up from their slumber over the weekend with tears in their eyes as news of the gruesome murder of a 48-year-old Nigeria national began to circulate.

Wilson’s body was found in a swamp in the Public Works Yard Community in Ganta.

Some community residents said Wilson, who used to live in the Public Works Yard Community until his demise, was heard shouting for help the night before he went missing and was found dead few days later.

It is not very clear what happened. But one resident said the 48-year-old might have left his room to confront whoever had attacked him. Nothing was heard of and from him since Monday, July 8, until his body was found in a nearby swamp which is about a few-minute walk away from his home. The top portion of Wilson’s lifeless body was without clothes on Friday, July 12, the day his remains were found in the swamp.

Our Nimba County Correspondent said since the death of the Nigerian national, no suspect(s) have been arrested.

Community members told this newspaper that that was the first time for such an incident to happen in their community and it has now heightened fear among them.

Samuel Paye and Earnest Dolo narrated that since moving in the community 20 years ago, this is the first time for such a thing to happen in their community.

The late Marcus Wilson was the father of two.

Our Nimba County Correspondent had tried to speak with Wilson’s wife, who was prevented from doing so by the deceased kinsmen, who also reside in the city.

The deceased wife and some Nigerian men had reportedly reported to the Liberian National Police detachment in Ganta, the incident that had happened the night before and how Wilson had allegedly gone missing after he came outside to confront who or whatever had tried to attack him and his family.

According to our Nimba Correspondent, police officers said they had launched an investigation into what had happened that night and they expressed their regrets that he ended up dead. They are appealing to the public to help them with any pieces of information that can help them unravel what led to the death of the 48-year-old Nigerian.