Liberia: MOCSA Foundation Provides Mobile Health Services to Residents In Lower Montserrado County


Bensonville –  A not-for-profit organization, Making Our  Children Safe Again Foundation (MOCSA), during the weekend in Kollieman Town, Bentol provided mobile healthcare services to residents within several communities.

The organization sponsored a bi-monthly deploy its mobile medical team to reach people who have no access to proper health services.

According to the executive director, Madam Yuconjay N. Barchue, these people are struggling and the mobile team may be their only means of acquiring unique healthcare services.

Madam Barchue revealed that the mobile team offers flexible and viable options for treating isolated and vulnerable residents in rural Montserrado and contemplating on extending its oval hands to rural Margibi and Grand Cape Mount Counties, respectively.

Madam Barchue further stressed that the demand for the mobile healthcare services to vulnerable towns and villages must be looked into by donor organizations in order to support the foundation in serving the Liberian people who cannot afford.

she said though the initiative is a self-sponsored but they will do everything to keep the mobile healthcare outreach in full swing to enable children in remote areas receive free medical treatment.

Said Madam Barchue, “We are into education, gender and child protection including the health which is our primary focus currently.”

“We started with mobile clinic because we want to carry the treatment to these rural kids whose parents do not have the resources to take them to hospital for treatment.”

“We want to make sure our children are in good health condition because when they are healthy our nation will benefit as they are the next. Generation.”

“We chose these kids because health wise these kids in rural communities are sometimes malnourished,” Madam Barchue said.  

Also speaking, the head of the medical team, Dr. Morris Y Harris, said the organization has 12 members on the medical team who are passionate to assist impoverished children.

Dr. Harris explained that they usually use the mobile health services to treat 75 to 100 patients including men and pregnant women, though their primary focus is on children’s welfare.

“We have the technical know how and trained manpower to provide these services, but we need logistics to augment the program. So, donors need to see reason to provide some assistance to this program,” Dr. Harris said.

One of the beneficiaries, Janet Esau, a mother two who took her kids to the the center praised the organization for the initiative.

She explained that she came from a far village in Coleman Town to be provided medical treatment.

Said Ms Esau, “Before, we used to go Bentol for treatment. It’s good idea to come and give us free treatment.”

Natashia J.K Sumo, another beneficiary, said felt excited to see the children to feel healthy again.

“The distance to go the hospital is costly, I want to appreciate MOCSA for firstly rendering services to the school and now health services,” Ms Sumo said.

MOCSA Foundation is local non-for-profit organization which was founded in 2017 but obtained a legal right to operate in 2019.

The foundation aims at providing a safe and dignified future for all children regardless of their ethnicity, socio-economic background. And to also enable vulnerable rural communities especially women and children to address basic need.

MOCSA also work in areas in Cape Mount, Margibi and Montserrado counties where children’s access to education and healthcare are limited.