Liberia: MNG Resumes Its Monthly Kokoyah Concession Stakeholders’ Meetings


Kokoyah, Bong County – After it was suspended in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and government restrictions on movements and large public gatherings, the PR Department of MNG Gold Liberia has resumed its monthly Kokoyah Concession Stakeholders’ meetings.

The first meeting was held in Yolo Town, headquarters of Seinwein Clan on January 23, 2021. The meeting targeted chiefs, elders, women & youth heads of 15 towns & villages within the clan; as well as local authorities of Seinwein Clan and Boinsen District, Bong County.

A powerpoint presentation was done by the PR Team comprising Eugene J.M. Kollie, Government Liaison Officer and head of the Government & Community Relations Department, Lloyd N. Ngwayah, Public Relations Officer and J. Keith Gboe, Community Liaison officer. The PR Team Presentation updated:

On Citizens and stakeholders of Seinwein Clan, Boinsen District on the status of MNG past initiated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects.

Also, the awarding of sub-contracts to Kokoyah Citizens’ local businesses/groups as strategy to empower our mine operations’ community stakeholders.

Another subject discussed was information/clarities on questions/issues pertaining to our Kokoyah Concession Operations and the MOU between Kokoyah and MNG and.

MNG response to citizens’ recommendations for MNG priority CSR Projects in 2021 during the January 9 2021 MOU Revision Meeting held in Gbarta, Boinsen District Headquarter, organized by Hon. Albert B. Hills, Representative of Bong Electoral District #1 was also discussed.

The presentation was followed by questions & answers session and way forward from citizens of the clan, which at the end of the meeting, Seinwein Clan reiterated calls from the January 9, 2021 MOU Revision Meeting for MNG to prioritize in 2021.

The completion of the 37 kilometers’ Sayewheh Town through Yolo Town, Beh-Wee Town, Quoikapor Town in Boinsen Districts to Zaryee Town in Kpaii District, Bong County Road, the continuation of the construction of the 5.7 kilometers portion & the rehabilitation of the 6.3 kilometers portion of the road linking Dolo Town with Camp #2 through New Town and U-LAH Town, Boinsen Districts, Bong County were issued raised.

Also, the rebuilding of the school & vocational training program buildings built by the company that fire damaged in David Deans Town, Boinsen, and the MNG proposed 2021 CSR priority projects’ roads rehabilitation and construction start date is February 15, 2020; while the rebuilding of the fire damaged MNG built high school & vocational training program buildings started in October 2020 were issued raised by citizens. 

The PR Department says it will continue its Kokoyah Concession Stakeholders’ Meetings in 2021 with Boinwein Clan, Boinsen District in February next, which will be followed by Turkpa-Blee Administrative District in March; and Kokoyah Administrative District in April 2021 and back to Seinwein Clan, Boinsen District in May 2021 respectively.