Liberia: MNG Gold’s General Manager Cem Koray Honored by Local Non-governmental Organization in Kokoyah Statutory District


Bong County — The General Manager of MNG Gold Liberia, Cem Koray Yagci Monday received a certificate of honor in his absence from Citizens’ Alternative Advocacy Network, a local  non-governmental organization based in Kokoyah Statutory District, where the company has been carrying on mining operations for the last five years.

Since 2015 when for the company began mining in the area, it has paid a total $36,000 in the district’s account as part of a memorandum of understanding between the citizens and the company. 

Also, the company has made a payment of $350,000 for damaged crops to farmers in both Sayewheh Town and David Dean’s town. Since 2015, the company has also renovated two public schools in David Deans Town and Sayewheh Town.

During the same period, the company made payments of $113,150 for 11 Teachers in David Dean’s Town and Sayewheh Town, and has rehabilitated and opened of 93.2km roads in the district.

 To help build the human resource capacity of residents of the district, the company has made available the sum of $50,000 as tuition aid.

Otis Glaywah, head of the organization, said the company’s efforts to respond to the needs of residents in its affected communities exemplify the general manager’s dedication and commitment to residents of the district.

“It’s a pleasure to recognize the General Manager of MNG Gold Liberia for his services to the people of Kokoyah Statutory District through MNG Gold,” said Otis Glaywah, head of the organization.

 “The company has done so much for our people since they began mining in Kokoyah Statutory District five years ago and we as local organization in Kokoyah Statutory District saw the need to appreciate the General Manager of the company for his tireless efforts in contributing to the development of our district and the county,” Glaywah said.

Avesoro Resources’ Social Sustainability Director Erkan Yildiz, who proxy on behalf of the General Manager, lauded the organization for the recognition. “Thank you so much, it’s an honor for our General Manager and the company as well. We are very humbled,” he said.