Liberia: Maryland County District 1 Representative P. Mike Jury Breaks ground for Modern Youth Center Hoffman Station in Township


HARPER, Maryland County – Harper District Representative P. Mike Jury has broken grounds for the construction of a modern youth center in Huffman Station Township.

Speaking at the groundbreaking event, the District#1 Lawmaker said the youth center, when constructed, would be a multi-purpose one, which would be valued a little over US$37,000.

Rep. Jury described the occasion as historic, he said “Marylanders, especially the youth, need to join us as we embark on this project, together we can achieve our goal and dream as we all can make our county better.”

At the same time, Representative Jury said, he came from an NGO background and is aware of the needs of people. As such, he likes to respond to them as the need arises.

The groundbreaking for the construction of the modern youth center is in fulfillment of his  many promises made to the people of the township during his political campaign in 2017.

Rep. Jury mentioned that proposed youth center will host approximately three hundred persons and will contain several offices, and bathrooms.

Harper District Representative P. Mike Jury thanked the people of Huffman Station, especially the Allison’s Family for providing a land space for the Youth Center to be constructed.

Representing the youth of the township, the youth president, Terry Williams lauded the effort of Rep. Jurry for the gesture.

“The youth of this township will work with you and ensure that the construction of the modem youth center becomes a reality. We had not have such an opportunity from any prominent citizen of the county, so we will again work with you to have this youth center constructed,” Terry Williams narrated.

Speaking for the people of Hoffman Station Township, the Commissioner Sumu Prowd, extended the township profound thanks to Rep. Jurry   and, welcomed his initiative to undertake the construction of a modern youth center in the township.

The construction of a modern youth center in Hoffman station Township is first of its kind since it became a township in 2003 under the leadership of chairman Gyude Bryant as chairman of the National Transitional Assembly of Liberia.

The groundbreaking event of the construction of the modem youth center took place on Thursday, June 17, 2021.