Liberia: Major Bridge Linking Over 74 Towns in Grand Bassa Cuts Off


Wee District, Grand Bassa — A major bridge connecting over 70 towns in District #3, Grand Bassa and other towns in Nimba and Bong Counties, is currently serving as a death trap for commuters.

The Blehzee bridge is located miles away from Wayzohn City in District #3, Grand Bassa County.

Commuters from towns and villages are finding it difficult to transport their goods to Buchanan and other parts of Liberia.

The deplorable condition of the bridge has caused impediments for businesspeople using the route to transport their goods.

Currently, vehicles can’t access the road except for motorcycle riders who have to set their lives at risk to cross over the broken logs, which are serving as makeshift bridge.

Steven Toe, a resident of Desoe town told our reporter, “I am really disappointed because I just purchased over 100 bunches of plantain, eight bags of cassava and other food items but I am unable to take them to the market.”

He furthered, “How will I take these items to the market, motorcycle can’t even help me out of this situation.”

Mary Kardor, another commuter said, “I am in tears because I left my children in Buchanan to get goods to sell and feed them but see what this bridge problem has caused me.”

She called on the Liberian Government to speedily intervene because the route is major route for livelihood for Liberians in that part of the country.

In a telephone conversation with the district’s lawmaker, Rep. Vicent Willie told FrontPageAfrica that he’s communicating with partners and the relevant agency of government to ensure that the bridge gets rebuild.

Willie: “I have managed to work on the Bassa-Goi Road which is the only route now accessible for vehicles though it is far, but they can manage while we’re engaging our partners.”

He stated that while the road with the damaged bridge is a very major route, he added, “It’s not a project for a single lawmaker. So, we are engaging and some of our partners have agreed to work on the bridge after the Rainy Season.”