Liberia: ‘Letter Promising 50 Acres of Land to Min. Nathaniel McGill is Fake’ – Rep. Zoe Pennue Supporters React


MONROVIA – A group under the banner the “Zoe Pennue Movement” has reacted to a letter circulating on social media linking Representatives Zoe Pennue and Alex Grant to promising to give huge acres of land to Minister Nathaniel McGill for allowing him (Rep. Pennue) to contest on the ticket of the CDC in Grand Gedeh County.

In the letter bearing the signatures of the two Lawmakers, Minister McGill was promised 50 acres of land and 25% share of whatever comes out of the ongoing Gedeh Mountain agreement as reciprocation for allowing Representative Pennue to contest for the Senate on the ticket of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

In a statement issued Thursday by the “Zoe Pennue Movement” a youth-base political and developmental organization based in Grand Gedeh County, Mr. Sylvester Krah, media consultant of the group, described as fake the communication and blamed their opponents of carrying out such propaganda.

“As a reputable institution of Grand Gedeh County, we want to categorically state that the self-created communication circulated by our opponents against our candidate Mr. Zoe Emmanuel Pennue is fake and lacks all characteristics of truthfulness.

“The letter circulating social media that Representatives Pennue and Alex Grant promised to give 50 acres of traditional land to Minister Nathaniel McGill, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs is a complete lie and an insane propaganda intended to denigrate the high earned professional Credibility of our political leader Honorable Zoe Emmanuel Pennue.”

Mr. Krah is calling on all peaceful citizens of Grand Gedeh County to understand that their opponents will used every destructive means as their political strategy to fight Honorable Zoe Emmanuel Pennue politically because they have come to the realization that he is pose to be the county next senator.

“It’s quite unfortunate that people will use uncivilized and devilish path in this modern era of politics. Our citizens need to be very mindful of these destructive elements who ultimate objective is to exacerbate political turmoil through the circulation of fake communication and marketing of falsehood.

“If our opponent are really determine to win democratic elections in Grand Gedeh County, then of course they need to get involve with more productive engagements rather spreading falsehood as a way of gaining political relevance at the expense of our candidate Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue.

“Unfortunately, for our opponents, Representative Pennue has over the years worked for the people of grand Gedeh County and built for him a base. Trying to criminally damage his reputable personalities will never grant you the requisite opportunity to win any democratic position.”

In their statement they described Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue as one of the well-respected and trusted leaders of the county who has demonstrated good governance and upholding morale credibility with a primary objective to always help his beloved County achieve its socio economics status.

“For more than 14 years working as one of the legislators with a worth of practical experience, Pennue has never lost track of prioritizing the fundamental interest of his County. There’s no traceable history of he ever trying to temper with what belongs to his people and county.

“The pathological lie insinuated by our opponents that Pennue and Grant went into an agreement with the current minister of sates for presidential Affairs is something that no rational person will ever give credence.