Liberia: Lawmaker Leads Rehabilitation of Feeder Roads in Grand Bassa County


Buchanan, Grand Bassa – Hope has  been restored to citizens of electoral district #4 , Grand Bassa County after the Representative of the district Vicent Willie on January 10, 2019 commenced the rehabilitation of major roads  and damaged bridges in the area.

Report by Elton Wrionbee Tiah, FPA Contributor

There are several  damaged bridges and roads including one major road known as the Rally Road.

The Rally Road connects over 30 towns and villages within the district. It has been impassable for over 25 years .

Citizens often walked over four hours to get to the district main provisional capital, Compound Three where they seek medical treatment and sell their farm produce..

Representative Willie told FrontPage Africa that the lack of roads in the district is a major challenge for locals; something he has committed to fixing.

 “All the roads in this place are damaged most especially this Rally Road that we are about to open,” Willie said.

He continued: “This Rally road connects over 30 towns and villages but the road was abandon by past leaders. Our people have to walk 3-4 hours to get to the market ground, health center as well as schools which is wrong”.

Representative Willie asserted that reopening of roads in the district will ease the movement of the people, especially farmers.

“When the roads are good, investors can come in to build schools, clinics hand pumps as well,” he mentioned.

He told reporters that the Liberia Agriculture Company provided 10 drums of fuel, while Booming Green, a logging firm provided equipment and workers to help rehabilitate the roads.

Hon. Willie placed the cost of the road project at US$250,000, something he says includes over 10 damaged bridges to be rebuild.

Janjay Baikpeh, Superintendent for Grand Bassa County, said the initiative undertaken by Rep. Willie to connect major roads in the district shows his willingness to transform Wee Statutory district.

“The continuous effort of Hon. Willie to connect major roads in the district shows that he’s prepared to attract investors to his people,” he added.

Baikpeh Continued: ” Even President George Weah wants to see Liberia Connected because roads are very important “. The Rally Road, when completed, will enable thousands of citizens to travel with vehicles to their various towns and villages.