Liberia: Grand Kru Residents Want Natives of the County Support COVID-19 Fight in the County


MONROVIA – Upon news of an outbreak of the COVID-19 in Liberia, national government requested all hands on deck in the fight against the threat of the virus. The call is for all including religious and traditional groupings, politicians from across the political spectrum of the country and private citizens to join the fight against COVID-19.

Report by Henry Karmo [email protected]

In adherence to the call, citizens and government have taken some steps. In some parts of Liberia, local government is being mobilized to carryout self-help projects to complement the government’s efforts. In Grand Kru one of the far away counties that has recorded a case of the virus, the local government is doing everything possible to buttress government efforts.

As a way to keeping abreast with issues that in the fight against the virus, the leadership Grand Kru County through the instrumentality of the legislative caucus and County leadership, has established what is known as a Technical CVID-19 response team at the National COVID-19 coordinating center in Monrovia headed by Madam Mary Broh.

The technical group is the brainchild of Grand Kru District 2 Representative Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa in order to ensure expeditious coordination of materials and equipment for Grand Kru coronavirus fight as one of the affected counties. The group will solicit support from prominent Grand Kru citizens in Liberia and in the diaspora.

The group’s diaspora resource person is Sweden-based Courage Boyonnoh Sundberg, a Liberian healthcare practitioner.

 The Grand Kru County COIVD 19 Response Team is literally begging its sons and daughters (Kinsmen) to donate in the fight to stop the spread of the virus in the county, and Liberia, at large. Mr. Hendrick Doe, the co-chair of the Response Team told journalists on Thursday, that only a united fight can wipe out or nullify the threat of the virus.

The Team has its office in the General Service Agency (GSA) of which the Director General, Madam Mary Broh, is serving as the National Response Coordinator for the Executive Committee on Coronavirus (ECOC) in Liberia.

In this role, Madam Broh is providing supervision toward a single set of national strategic objectives for defeating the coronavirus disease. She is also coordinating the National COVID-19 Multi-sectorial Response plan, in coordination with the United Nations (UN), donor partners, Ministry of Health and National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL).

Mr. Doe said, the County’s COVID 19 Response Team supervises fight in the county and serves as liaison between the county and the National Response Team as well as mobilize funds, drugs and non-food items for the fight against the virus specifically for Grand Kru County.

“The purpose of this team is to support the frontlines in the county to stop the spread of the infection. Funds, drugs and non-food items raised from citizens of the county in and out of Liberia as well as through the National Response Team will be distributed in the county.”

The co-chair of the Grand Kru County Response Team said up to now, only one person is still affected, but showing signs of recovery.  He further thanked county’s health workers, including, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sianneh Jackson for the sacrifices.

As a kickoff Cllr koffa has donated one month legislative pay for the group’s operations to the Grand Kru County COIVD 19 Response Team to combat the virus. Rep. Koffa, according to Mr. Doe, is the crafter of the national solidarity campaign, in Grand Kru County, and in consultations, with other members of the County’s Legislative Caucus, appointed the Grand Kru County COVID 19 Response Team.