Liberia: Grand Bassa Female Lawmaker Names Successor for 2023 Election


Buchanan – Representative Mary Karwor of Grand Bassa County’s electoral District Two on June 4, 2018 named the county Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh as her “proper replacement” at the Legislature.

Hon. Karwor gave the green light to support Baikpeh for the district’s seat which will be up for grasp in 2023, at the time the lawmaker would be ending her second term as its lawmaker.

She told her constituents at the dedication of a market building constructed by Superintendent Baikpeh that she’s “growing old and is unable to continue as lawmaker in 2023”.

The Grand Bassa County District Two lawmaker, who is not noted of making strong political statements, shocked her constituents about her decision to support Superintendent Baikpeh.

“Janjay Baikpeh is my son and the same mind I have to develop this district is the same thing I see in him. I believe that this boy will help this district when I leave because he has started working already,” Madam Karwor said.

“You the people of Waka town been under the rain and sunshine for plenty years but see what Janjay Baikpeh has done, Open your eye comes 2023 because I am old now and won’t be contesting anymore.”

Baikpeh contested the 2017 elections in the district but lost to Representative Karwor before he was earlier this year appointed by President George Weah as Superintendent of the county.

At the dedication of the market building, he told the people of the area that the success of the project is the beginning of the many developments he’s about to carry out in collaboration with the Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus.

“This project is my way of giving back to you and not waiting on County Social Development Funds.  There are more to come but caring for whatever we will bring to you is what matter,” he said.

“Our Mother Mary Karwor has given us her blessing and we are going to work with her to achieve our goal in this county.”

For several years, many female marketers of Waka Town have complained about the absence of a market building, and they are now rejoicing after the dedication event.

The town is located along the Monrovia-Buchanan highway and many travelers know it as a major stopping point while en route to the port city.

Hon. Karwor and Superintendent Baikpeh jointly provided LD$35,000 for the marketers as financial aid for their business.

Several other donations were made including one by the Chairman of the Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus who provided additional LD$15,000 and US$50 worth of gasoline for the marketers.