Liberia: “Foya Community Library Is At The Verge Of Collapsing,” Says Library Management Committee Chair-Sends Out SOS Call


FOYA, Lofa County – The chairman of the Library Management Committee of Foya District in Lofa County, Saah Prince Tartapa has revealed that the only Community Library in the District is at the verge of collapse due to the lack of financial support and essential books.

Report by Moses M. Tokpah, contributor

Mr. Tartapa making the disclosure to reporter explained that the building itself is in a dilapidated condition while the Library lacks several essential books, electricity, computers and financial support with no compensation for Librarian among others something he said if not addressed urgently by government and other partners may lead to the Library collapsing.

According to him, the floor of the building has welt out on grounds that it was not done by the Citizens but rather by the will of the group that was hired to build the structure.

Mr. Tarpata, on the other hand, said there are some books that the students need for research purposes and be able to do their assignments but those books are not in the Library thus impeding the learning process of the students.

He disclosed that the Library does not have Liberian History, Literature, Chemistry Liberian Civic, Physics and all that is being approved by the Ministry of Education for use by students.

Tarpata further stated that all the Library has is Biology books, European Literature and dictionary. He mentioned that though European Union through Vision in Action helped them with Literature books they are of no use to them.

The Foya Library Management Committee Chairman also said students are finding it difficult to use the facility at night due to the lack of electricity adding that the solar panel that was placed on top of the building years back can no longer sustain the current for any suitable atmosphere for reading.

He said the facility needs a biger solar panel rather than generator because of the challenge in purchasing gas and maintaining it in the midst of the lack of support.

Taparta narrated that the government is not giving any subsidy to the Library as everything is being done by the Library Management Committee. He further revealed that the Library has not been opportune to get computers to enable students do research using the internet.

He added that despite of the numerous calls made by him to the County Legislative Caucus and the County Administration to give support to the Facility through the appropriation of cash from the County/Social Development Fund, nothing is being done to subsidize the Library.

Mr. Tarpata has therefore launched an SOS call to the Government of Liberia, local and international partners and Non-governmental Organizations to come to their aid.

He appealed to government officials or donor partners who want to see that the Library continues to sustain the education sector of the area should help the facility with whatever government has recommended for the students to be taught.

Meanwhile, Chairman Tarpata has lauded the CEO/Founder of the Tamba Aghailas Foundation, Mr. Tamba Dabah Aghailas for donating some books to the Liberia. It can be recalled that Mr. Aghailas presented five pieces of a book he produced entitled “In Pursuit Of Liberty” to be used by the students.

Mr. Tarpata promised to use the book for the intended purpose and at the same time called on other Liberians to follow the good example of Mr. Aghailas.

The Foya Community Library was founded by the European as part of its Community Rehabilitation Component-3 of the Post Conflict Rehabilitation and Capacity Building Project, a medium grant for construction of Library in Foya City implemented by Vision In Action