Liberia: Forensic Test Links Man,28, to Suspicious Death in Bong County


Gbarnga – Twenty-eight-year old Amos Molon is within the grips of the Bong County Police Detachment after a DNA test from the Forensic Laboratory in Virginia, United States of America, linked him to the death of Sata Binda, who lived in Gbartala prior to her death.

According to Bong County Attorney Jonathan Flomo, the government of Liberia sought the intervention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to ascertain the actual cause of the death of Binda.

Binda was found dead on September 16, 2018. Police investigation found that Binda was raped, strangled and murdered.

The DNA has proved that the Person of Interest (POI) now Defendant Molon was the only person whose name was submitted by the FBI that can be included as a possible contributor to any of the evidence profiles.

The other individuals are either excluded or uninformative, according to the FBI.

‘I am guilty’ – Defendant Molon

In the presence of his lawyer Monday, Defendant Molon was confronted with the DNA results and he voluntarily admitted to the crime.

“I want to admit that I killed Sata Binda. The day before her death, we both had sex. It was the same day I killed her after I saw her with another guy and I got angry and decided to beat her until death,” Molon said. 

“I noticed that she had many other relationships besides me.I am asking the parents of Sata Binda to forgive me. I know I did wrong. I was overly jealous that’s why I acted by stabbing her many times. I know I am going to jail but I want the family to please forgive me.”

‘Molon will Face the Law’

The County Attorney told FrontPageAfrica that Molon will be indicted for the crimes of rape and murder. 

“The state will ask for harshest possible punishment the law provides for these crimes,” he said.

“We are very pleased with how we proceeded in the case and we hope that these developments will now help the bereaved family to start to heal the devastation caused by the death of the beloved and that eventually they will find closure to this tragic period in the family’s history.” 

Flomo said upon the determination that has now been made in the case, there is no further need to hold Defendants Josephine Sulunteh and Clarence Davis – two persons who were arrested by Police for their alleged roles in the death of Binda – in custody. “We will make appropriate request to the Court to have them released.”

Rep Karfiah Vindicated

Police records revealed that the death was a crime of passion as opposed to a politically motivated crime as was rumored in Gbarnga.

Molon, in an interview with journalists Monday, slammed those who are linking the Bong County District#5 lawmaker to the crime.

He said: “Rep. Karfiah doesn’t know anything about my action. I have heard his name but don’t know him in person. He didn’t know about me and Sata’s relationship. Those who have been spreading the news that Rep. Karfiah is aware of the death of Sata Binda are acting unfair to the lawmaker.”

Over 20 churches in Gbarnga have been holding Fast and Prayer for God to vindicate the lawmaker.

The lawmaker could not be reached Monday for his reaction to the arrest of Sata Binda’s murderer.