Liberia: Deputy Speaker Moye to Begin Selling Branded Rice on the Market

Rep Moye has begun harvesting 30 hectares of rice plantation and would be ready for distribution at the end of November this year after all due processes had been concluded

District Two, Bong County – Deputy House Speaker Prince Moye says he has concluded plans to begin selling locally-produced and branded rice on the market. Deputy Speaker Moye, who is also the lawmaker of Bong’s second district, said the move is part of measure ensuring food security.

Rep Moye said he has begun harvesting 30 hectares of rice plantation and would be ready for distribution at the end of November this year after all due processes had been concluded. Of the 30 hectares harvested, 13, 500kg of rice have processed and was ready for the market, Rep. Moye added.

“We as leaders need to begin taking steps in making our country food sufficient. When public officials adopt these steps, it will greatly help the agriculture sector,” Rep. Moye said.

“In fulfilling one of our objectives, we are set to produce Narica L-19 Rice. This rice is one of the best you will find around because we have provided the farmers the most improved variety of seedlings and it will be ready at the end of the month,” Rep. Moye said.

The lawmaker said there are ten persons are employed on the farm with housing for their families, while 100 persons are hired daily. “This farm is providing employment opportunities also for citizens. And we hope to 

Rep. Moye said the harvesting of farm land will at certain level reduce the dependence on the country on imported rice and reduce its price particularly in Bong County.

The lawmaker promised to provide seedlings to farmers to help boost their productivity. “As we did last year, the farm will produce some of the yields to farmers to replant next farming seasons. These seeds are given free of charge to farming groups and individuals.” 

The disclosure made by the Bong County lawmaker to begin selling branded rice attracted a lot of commendations from citizens of the county. Michael Wymah, a resident of Gbarnga, thanked the lawmaker and described the move as worthy. “Thank you so much, Rep. Moye. You are indeed leading by examples. These are initiatives that demonstrate love for country. We hope that others will emulate what you are doing as we are strive to make Liberia a food secured nation,” Rep Moye said. 

Another resident of Gbarnga, Emmanuel Karneh, heaped praises on the lawmaker, describing him as a farsighted and development-oriented leader. Karneh said. “A leader who thinks outside of the box is a charismatic leader. Such is Rep. Moye. The expected introduction of  your branded rice on the market would mean a lot for citizens of Bong County. It will be a monumental project and will distinguish you from your colleagues in the county.” 

Damawah Cassell, a resident of District Two, said the lawmaker’s action is worthy of commendation particularly at a time when the government was struggling to make Liberia food secured. “Rep. Moye has proven to be a national leader as demonstrated by his actions. “I would like to appreciate him for his intervention. This is welcoming.”