Liberia: CRS Distributes Hands Washing Stations in Rural Montserrado, Bong, and Margibi Counties


Gbanga, Bong County – With support from the United States Aid International Development (USAID), the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has embarked on the implementation of the COVID-19 response in rural Montserrado, Bong, and Margibi Counties.

Speaking at the launch of the project in Bong County, the Senior Program Officer of CRS Theophilus Davis said the project aims to have hands washing stations installed in public places in the three counties.

According to the CRS official, 200 handwashing stations will be distributed in each of the three counties.

Davis said: “It is good for people who are accessing public facilities to have an increased practice and behaviors of hands washing across the three counties.”

“Today, we will begin with Bong County. We are going be distributing hand washing stations at various public places. We will begin with the market places, car parking stations, intellectual centers, and everywhere we have people converging.”

“CRS with funding from the USAID and in collaboration with the WASH Commission are going to be installing these hands washing stations so that our people can increase their practices and behaviors in handwashing.”

According to Davis, the essence of the project is to reduce the spread of COVID-19. He added that one of the ways people can reduce the spread of COVID-19 is by practicing constant hands washing.

“So, as you can see, we have huge supplies of handwashing stations and we also have on the other side our hands washing liquid soap. As we install these hands washing stations in public places, people who will be coming to wash their hands will also apply soap and wash their hands with clean water,” he said.

The CRS Senior Project Officer, however, turned the handwashing station over to the WASH Commission who then turned them over to local authorities of Bong County.

Prince Kreplah speaking on behalf of the Executive Director of the WASH Commission praised the USAID for providing the funding and at the same time applauded the CRS for implementing the project.

Kreplah added that according to public health regulation prioritize hand washing as the first line in preventing COVID-19.

“The government of Liberia takes very seriously her responsibility to ensure that Liberia is capable of overcoming COVID-19 in these difficult times,” Kreplah said.

While handing the hands washing stations to the local authority in Bong County, Kreplah urged the county leadership to maintain the equipment by constantly providing adequate water at the various hands washing stations to enable people to wash their hands properly.