Liberia: Committee Helping To Save Buchanan Public Hospital Raises Additional L$2.5Million


Buchanan – The committee under the banner “Help Save the Liberian Government Hospital” on Friday, December 13, presented $2.5Million Liberian Dollars to the Liberia Government Hospital in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The Committee was established to help raise funds from citizens and stakeholders for the hospital, which has been struggling to keep its door open and cater to hundreds of locals who rely on the public health facility for treatment.

Christopher Yarwoe, Secretary of the committee, said the amount covers support toward fuel oil consumption and drugs for the smooth running of the hospital. 

“We as a committee made the first presentation to the hospital on October 16, 2019 which has been keeping the hospital up,” he said.

“The committee for the second time received a budget from the hospital in the amount of US$12,131.60 to help cover the cost of fuel for the generator and ambulance, drugs and medical supplies, feeding of patients, cleaning materials and stationery.”

He said based on the critical need of the hospital, the committee through the effort of the citizens and the county leadership want to see the hospital supported to an appreciable level to provide basic health services to the public.

“We, as a committee, are pleased to present an amount of $1,000,000 Liberian Dollars for fuel to a local vendor called ‘Express Filling Station owned by Mr. Chris Menenesah at God Bless you Hill in Buchanan to supply the hospital with fuel”, Yarwoe said .

“Following the assessment done by the hospital for the supply of drugs, the committee is making available another $ 1,500,000.00 Liberian Dollars to G2 Pharmacy located in Monrovia for drugs.

“We want to inform the public that we have $2,765,800.00 Liberian Dollars and $ 2,050 United States Dollars as outstanding pledges”.

Yarwoe stressed that while the hospital is making use of the support to provide health services to the public, the committee will be organizing another mass citizens meeting to discuss possible “fee for service” program at the hospital in order to sustain the health center. 

He said that the committee is hopeful that the discussions would end up with a resolution signed by citizens and the county leadership submitted to the Ministry of Health for their approval to give authorization to the Hospital to implement the service.

Madam Martha Kangar, Chairlady of the Committee said, “We are cognizant that the free services offered at the hospital are a national policy but with the challenging times in our country, we want to categorically state that the hospital cannot run under this condition and you expect it survives.

“We need to reason together as we all did first in raising money for the reopening of the hospital so that others would use Grand Bassa County as a model county in Liberia”.

Dr. Anthony Tucker, the County Health Officer, mentioned that the people of Grand Bassa County have proven that health care is important to them.

“The presentation by the committee shows that the citizens are ready to help themselves, something I see as the best way forward to development. I want to take this time to say thank you to the committee and every citizen that contributed and still contributing to this hospital,” he said.

Daniel Joka Willie, Assistant superintendent for Fiscal Affairs added: “We as county leadership authorized the committee to work because we knew this could have yielded fruits… I so happy to see that our citizens care for themselves by putting the little they have together to buttress government’s effort”.

The Liberian Government Hospital, which is the main public referral hospital in the county, struggled for several months due to the lack of funds.