Liberia: Clan Chief Kallay Teah Appeals for government’s intervention in Salary Collection

Clan Chief Kallay Teah of Sakapo Clan, district #4 Grand Bassa County

GRAND BASSA COUNTY – Clan Chief Kallay Teah of Sakapo in district #4 in Grand Bassa County is a man without a home, and this is because he claimed that a man identified as Phillip Paye, head of the Traditional Devil has threatened to forcefully “initiate him in the Zoe Bush.”

Teah said he is afraid of his life also because his family’s inheritance of 72.5 acres of land is being pursued by people who are claiming the property.

“We have been fighting this case for too long and we need the Liberian government and other stakeholders to help us have peace,” he said.

He named other personalities who are bent on causing trouble for his family as Boye Tarr, Matthew Tarr and Opa Sayoo who he claimed have been harassing his family for many hears.

Chief Teah said his family’s property is located in Sakapo Clan in district #4 in Grand Bassa County.

He said because of the threat on his life, he has not been able to return to his district for more than six months and has been living in Buchannan and Monrovia.

Confirming the threat on the life of Chief Teah, a human rights group in Monrovia, Human Rights & Protection Forum, conducted an investigation following Teah’s complaint and concluded that his fears are genuine.

In a letter to former Grand Bassa County Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh, the human rights group requested the superintendent’s urgent intervention into the dispute to bring the ugly situation under control and give the Teah family the peace of mind on the ownership of their land.

The human rights group said there are legal documents in the possession of the Teah family, confirming that they are the rightful owners of the land that is being pursued by people who have no legal ground to contest the Teah’s property.

“The said land that has been granted and developed as coconut plantation planted by the late Teah cannot revert to the government against the interest of his heirs and we therefore…advice all those who are preventing foreign investors to completely desist from claiming the property that belongs to the Teah family,” the human rights group said.

Meanwhile, Chief Teah told journalists that he is afraid to proceed to Sakapo Clan to even collect his pay for fear that those who are seeking for his family’s property may harm him. “I am also appealing to the Liberia National Police to provide me officers to accompany me to the clan,” he said.