Liberia: Chief Justice Accused By Ganta Mandingo Youth of Tribalism, Injustice


MONROVIA – A group under the banner Ganta Progressive Mandigoes Youth is accusing Liberia’s Chief Justice Francis Korkpor of using the judiciary to promote “injustice and tribalism in Nimba County”. 

Report by Jackon F. Kanneh, [email protected]

Speaking at a press conference Sunday April 7,  in Monrovia, the group’s president Abraham Keitah said  the recent eviction order on the property of Defendants Ansumana Jabateh, Dutee Donzo, Kalifala Donzo and Morlie Donzo by the 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Nimba county while the case is still pending at the Supreme Court without the intervention of the Chief Justice after his office was contacted on the matter is worrisome.

The group statement is from the backdrop of a  recent eviction ordered on the property of Defendants Ansumana Jabateh, Dutee Donzo, Kalifala Donzo and Morlie Kromah by assigned Judge Roland F Dahn of the 8th Judicial Circuit Court of Nimba county. 

According to the group, the Circuit Court’s eviction order in the property saga was a calculated plan by the Chief Justice to take over the property of the above-mentioned defendants. 

According to them, Chief Justice Korkpor is the mastermind behind the recent Court order.

“This whole issue is just a clever attempt to deny justice and encourage some misguided people to continue to infringe upon the rights of the minority tribe in Nimba County which is a recipe for chaos and ethnic conflict. This is being sadly promoted by the Chief Justice simply because he is using the judiciary to promote tribalism and injustice in Nimba County,” the group said.

“We believed that the recent eviction ordered by Judge Roland F Dahn, as an Assigned Circuit Judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit Court for Nimba County in the case was a calculated plan to take our properties while the matter is before the Supreme Court.”

Speaking further, Keitah urged the Justice-in-Chamber his honor Joseph Nagbe to do the honorable thing by forwarding the pending case before him to the full bench of the Supreme Court for deliberation. 

According to them, the Associate Justice has been informed on numerous occasions by the defendants to forward the case to the full bench of the Supreme Court but has since refused to do so because of his connection to the Chief Justice who they believe have interest in the case.

“We are therefore appealing to the government of Liberia and other international organizations to join us in calling on the Justice in Chambers to do the right thing by upholding the rule of law and prevent this sensitive land case from being chaotic before our eyes,” the group said. 

According to the group, they will not rest until the case is forward to the Supreme Court full bench. Adding that they will do anything humanly possible to bring justice to their brothers and sisters who have been marginalized in Nimba County over the years.

In July 2015, the 8th Judicial Circuit Court for Nimba County, sitting in its May Term of Court, presided over by retired Judge His Honor Emery S. Paye, rendered a Judgment against Ansumana Jabateh, Dutee Donzo, Kalifala Donzo and Morlie Kromah on ground that they refused to take delivery of the Writ of Summons and several notices of assignments issued by the court. 

The complaint out of which the judgment was obtained was filed by Fred Suah on behalf of the Intestate Estate of the late Paye Suah. 

Atty. Richard G. Davies filed the complaint for the Suah Estate, thus making Fred Suah the complainant in the case on behalf of said estate.