Liberia: Cape Mount Citizens Petition Dr. Fodee Kromah


GRAND CAPE MOUNT – The people of Grand Cape Mount County on September 12, 2020 petitioned the former National Oil Company of Liberia (NACAL) Chairman Dr. Fodee Kromah to contest the pending mid-term senatorial election in the County.

The citizens, from all walk of life said Dr. Kromah’s tremendous developmental programs in Grand Cape Mount County is glaring and unmatchable and as such, they believed supporting his senatorial bid would bring total relief to their County.

The citizens described the former NOCAL Chairman as humanitarian who being aware of the transportation challenges faced by the people of Tallah Township and Tumay, immediately built a boat to ease the difficulties of traveling from Robertsport to Sawelor.

Dr. Kromah facilitated the coming of total Gas Station in Robertsport and also renovated a building to be used as guest house, in order to minimize the accommodation problem in the County capital.

The citizens of Tewor, Garwular, Tumay, Kpukpah and Gola Konneh districts also thanked Dr. Kromah for negotiating with authorities of Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) to setup a branch in Robertsport to lessen the burden residents of the County used to encounter before in-cashing their salaries or saving their personal money.

In his acceptance statement, Dr. Kromah said whilst there is no higher standard set in the Liberian constitution in the election of senator, you have raised the bar and in doing so, you have set a benchmark that will dictate this process for a long time to come.

“Let them be warned that Grand Cape mount County is not for sale; neither their money or rice will change the voters’ resolve.

“Our people remain resolute and will only cast their votes for the most competent person who has demonstrated good leadership and is capable of reconciling and bringing our people together.

“So, go tell it to the people of Tomay, Garwular, to Kporkpah, Gola Konneh, to Bo, Tallah and the Commonwealth that Tewor has chosen the best candidate who will positively impact the lives of our people if elected the next senator of Grand Cape Mount County,” Dr. Kromah said amidst hands of applaud.

He continued: “To those who reject this decision, Tewor will not look kindly on you politically or otherwise.

“To those who sit on the periphery and listen to the cacophony in Mesurrado, go, go tell your people that Tewor has made the decision to support one candidate in the ensuring December 8, 2020 Mid-term senatorial election.

“For your information, only the people of Grand Cape Mount County have the constitutional right to elect their lawmakers, Dr. Kromah who is contesting as an independent candidate said.

He warned his main contender, who is seeking reelection that his days are number. “Cape Mount will never again give you a free ride. You have not fulfilled promises made to our people on two occasions spanning almost 10 years when you were first elected to the House of Representative.

“The County is under develop because of your lack of leadership coupled with your many unfulfilled promises to our people,” Dr Kromah said.

If elected senator of grand Cape Mount County, Dr. Kromah has vowed to investigate the mysterious deaths at mine sites in the County; something he said has become more serious, not just in cape Mount but at other gold and diamond mines across the Country.

Dr. Kromah also promised to empower youth and women, improve the education system, address health problems, promote tourism and adopt laws that will once and for all serve as deterrent to rapists.