Liberia: Bill Twehway, Rep. Willie Break Grounds for 1st Teacher and Nurses’ Quarter in Wee-District

L-R Grand Bassa Supt Janjay Baikpeh, Rep Vicent Willie, MD Bill Twehway

GRAND BASSA – National Port Authority Managing Director, Bill Twehway and Representative Vicent Willie had broken grounds for the construction of a modern housing facility in Wee-Statutory District, Grand Bassa County.

The ten (10) unit residential building dedicated for teachers and nurses is being constructed on the civil compound, right next to the Gorblee Central High School in Gorblee Administrative District.

Speaking during an official program which preceded the formal ground breaking, MD Bill Twehway said he had gone to the district prepared to build the housing units “right away”.

“Before we leave from here, you will see the zinc, cement and other materials arrive” he added.

The Managing Director of the National Port Authority told the people of Wee-Statutory District that he is aware that teachers and nurses some of whom are deployed in the district from various parts of the country have had difficulty with accommodation.

“I bring you greetings from Dr. George Manneh Weah who during my fundraising called personally to contribute $US55, 000.

Twehway said, since his mega fundraiser, he has not broken ground anywhere else apart from Gorblee but cautioned that, “Instead of individuals paying the press to castigate other people, they must develop their homes and help others who are in need.”

MD Twehway at the same time declared to the citizens that President Weah’s foremost object at the helm of power is to ensure that lives of ordinary Liberians is improved, something he said he (Twehway) is “hundred percent committed to helping the Liberian leader achieve”

Also speaking before the dedication, Wee-Statutory District Representative Vicent Willie thanked Twehway and President Weah for their farsightedness in identifying his district for such initiative. 

He said the citizen’s commitment to support Mr. Twehway’s gesture for the provision of housing for teachers and nurses is a full testament that they are in need of development.

“Thanks to all of you, my people” said Willie who also announced that President Weah has approved the “construction of a mini stadium” in the district.

Janjay Baikpeh, the Superintended of Grand Bassa County described the construction of the ten housing units as the first its kind for such initiative in Grand Bassa County.

Said Baikpeh: “we told you, the president said he will not let down, so he is using his lieutenants like Bill Twehway to come and reach out to you, to help you develop and take good care of your families.”

According to Baikpeh, he was out of words to appreciate managing Director Bill Twehway but added “only God will reward you”, referring to Twehway.

Gorblee High School, the only public high school in Wee-Statutory District for many years remains challenged with logistics, teachers and capacity to host an influx of students from the three section of the district.

Teachers assigned to the school have faced historic accommodation challenge with some lodging in homes of friends and community leaders.

One of the beneficiaries could be seen screaming as he piled praises on Representative Willie and MD Twehway for recognizing the needs of school teachers and nurses.

“This project is very timely … and it is one of the very best projects ever! I am renting and I pay 20US dollars per month. I came from Monrovia and I take the same money like other teachers in Monrovia but I have to pay rent here in Gorblee”, James T. Gargar, acting principal of Gorblee High School said.

Lydia Tarnue, the Officer in Charge (OIC) of the district’s public health facility lauded Mr. Twehway adding it is because of him and Representative Willie that all of this is happening,

“We are so happy about this dream that is about to happen”, she said.

On July 12, 2021, NPA Managing Director Bill Twehway held a massive fundraiser in Buchanan City to take on a number of citizen-centered projects in Grand Bassa and Rivercess Counties.

Twehway who is originally from Rivercess County was schooled in Wee-Statutory District and worked on LAC plantation as a classroom teacher.