Liberia: Bea Mountain Donates 25KVA Generator, Other Items to Equip Grand Cape Mount County’s COVID-19 Treatment Center

Bea Mountain Mining Company has received commendations for supporting the county health team and communities since the COVID-19 outbreak in Liberia

Sinje, Grand Cape Mount County – The former County Health Officer (CHO) of Grand Cape Mount County has described Bea Mountain Mining Company as “the strongest supporter” of the County Health Team in its response against the coronavirus pandemic. 

Dr. Netty N. Joe, who recently turned over the CHO position to Dr. Cecelia Woods Cheneyon, recounted how the company provided support through rice supplies to communities and nurses during the lock down and also donated hand washing buckets and disinfectants to several communities in the county during the start of the health crisis in the country.

“You were one of those that volunteered and provided feeding for all of our staff [health workers] who were quarantined,” recalled Dr. Netty during the turning over even held at the office of the CHT in Sinje.

At the event, the mining company also donated several items worth over US$14,000 dollars to the CHT for the county’s COVID-19 treatment unit.

Presenting the items during the event, which was also attended by Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Francis Kateh, Bea Mountain’s Community Relations Manager said the gesture was a response to the health team’s request to the company for more support to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus, which has now infected just one person in the county so far.

“We have come as a commitment from the company to the County Health Team to donate some equipment – a diesel 25 KVA generator, a washing machine, and a dryer to the county health team,” said Henry Vincent, Community Relations Manager of BMMC.

“We received a communication from them [CHT] months ago for the mines [mining company] to help support the treatment center that they have established in the county; so, we decided to buttress the government’s efforts by providing this support.”

The mining company has been supporting the county’s response efforts against COVID-19 through its numerous donations to communities and the health sector of Grand Cape Mount County. In April and May this year, the company donated rice and ant-COVID-19 materials to several towns, the joint security force and health workers across the county and neighboring counties.

“Since the outbreak, we have been very forceful in terms of buttressing the health sector – almost all of the communities in Grand Cape Mount have benefited from the company’s gesture, and we have also extended our help to Bomi County by donating to the government’s hospital there and then also in Gbarpolu County,” said Mr. Vincent during interview with reporters in Sinje. 

Mr. Vincent was happy to disclose that the relationship between the company and local communities has been fast improving, adding that the company is always committed to performing its corporate social responsibilities by supporting the communities. 

The mining company also donated a washing machine and dryer for the county’s COVID-19 treatment center in Bo Waterside

He added that communities are “very appreciative” of the support from the company during this period of a global pandemic.

“We remained robust as it comes to the fight against COVID-19 and we will continue to work with the communities and the health team to reinforce the hand washing practice and other health protocols approved by the government so that the county can defeat this pandemic,” he said.

The mining company will shortly begin the fencing of the treatment center in Bo Waterside and build a modern medical waste management system for the facility, he said.

Dr. Francis Kateh joined staff of the county health team and the community relations manager of BMMC to pose for a photo after the ceremony in Sinje on Wednesday, July 15.

Commenting on the donation, Deputy Health Minister, Dr. Ketah said the company is showing interest in the community by its commitment to the health of the people.

‘Yes, you are paying taxes to the government but at the same time you are working with people – in whose communities  – you are working and we think you are doing well, “ said Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer.

“So, what you are doing, basically is a way of making sure that things will get better for the people.”

Mr. Vincent, Community Relations Manager of Bea Mountain, presenting the donated items to the CHT during a ceremony in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount County

Grand Cape Mount County Superintendent Aaron Vincent, who attended the event, said the mining company continues to show that it is committed to the fight against the virus evident by its donation of the 2.5KVA generator and other items for the treatment center.

Superintendent Vincent disclosed that the company has also been providing awareness materials to enhance public sensitization about COVID-19, adding the county administration is “impressed” with the collaboration.

“We are anticipating more cooperation with the Bea Mountain and we are sure that the health care center will improve with their support,” Superintendent Vincent said.