Liberia: Ateenah Foundation Pays L$300K for Scholarship Students in Grand Kru County


Grand Kru County – The District Coordinator of Grand Kru County District #2 Representative Hon. Fonati Koffa has announced the full first-semester school fees for 63 students on its scholarship program.

The amount, which is L$300,000, will be paid to 12 schools in Electoral District #2, Grand Kru County.

The payments began Thursday, October 10 and will end on Friday, October 18. The schools are Buah Central High, Barclayville Central High, J. Blamo Toe Elem. & Jr. High, A.A. Hoff Elem. & Jr. High and Richard Henry Elem. & Jr. High. 

Others are S. Chea Elementary, Dwekeh United Methodist Elementary, Nifu Elem. & Jr. High, Dioh Elem. Jr. High, Betu Elem. & Jr. High, F.F. Doe Elem. & Jr. High and Fennitor Jr. High.

The 12 schools are located in five administrative districts of electoral District #2, including Barclayville, Bua, Forpoh, Dorbor and Bob Districts.

On behalf of the principals, Mr. Thomas K. Toe of the Buah Central High School in Geeken Community, Buah District thanked the Rep. Koffa for thee payment and termed him as ‘Talk and Do.”

The Grand Kru County District #2 Coordinaor Chris Joboe opined that full or financial aid scholarship still remains open to students in the district in spite of economic meltdown hitting the country and the world.

Mr. Joboe said the Ahteenah Foundation Scholarship (AFS) is a unique and an exciting opportunity for excellent students in the District to take advantage and enroll in any schools when granted scholarships and must and students maintained the required grades or averages.

Mr. Joboe called on parents and guidance to earnestly contact the Ahteenah Foundation Scholarship headquarters in Buah District for more information.

Joboe said: “The requirements are being a resident of the district, have the grade point average of 85% or above and maintain the grade point average of not less than 85%.”

“Interested student should apply to the Ahteenah Foundation Scholarship Fund Drive, Office of the District Coordinator, Buah District, Grand Kru County District #2.”

 The Ahteenah Foundation Scholarship is funded by Hon. Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, the Representative of the district who is also the chairman on the House’s Committee on Judiciary.

Mr. Joboe revealed that over years the foundation has been rendering some financial and logistic assistance to schools, including the Barclayville Central High School, and its Principal, Mr. Gee Marvin Young, has signed on donations’ receipts.

The District #2 Coordinator also like to encourage Mr. Young to scout for excellent students and make recommendations to the Ahteenah Foundation Scholarships for subsequent acceptance instead of the partially and publically announcing the dropped in enrolment because economic constraints.

Meanwhile, Mr. Joboe further urged the Barclayville Central High School administration to create programs to enhance the learning environment of students and seek timely sponsorship from partners to provide supports, than idly and naively making wide allegations of lack of support.

The District Coordinator, also use the opportunity to seek proposal from ‘Scholars or Teachers’ residing in the district of conducting  special classes for 12th graders who are sitting any of the West African exams.