Liberia: 37-Year-Old Burns to Death After Attempting to Save Her Three-Year-Old Son from Their Burning House


Zoweinta, Kpaii District, Bong County – A woman and her 3-year-old son are dead. And a charred, hollowed outhouse is all that remains after the fire took their lives in Zoweinta, Kpaii District, Bong County.

Killed were Betty Davis, 37, and her son Shadrach Sackie, relatives said.

The family members recalled how Davies and her older son had made it out safely but soon realized that Kollie likely was still inside the house.

Davis reportedly was last seen running back into the burning house to save her son.

Davies and her son later died at Phebe Hospital Thursday after they were rushed to the hospital by relatives.

Friends of the family said they still feel surreal, like it hasn’t really happened.

“You know, one minute you’re talking to somebody, the next minute they’re gone, you know,” Peter, a friend to the family said. “It’s just like I’m in shock.”

Loved ones at the scene Thursday told FrontPageAfrica that Davies had just stepped out for a few minutes to wash her son’s clothes when the house began to catch fire. 

The family is now inconsolable, the friend said. “We’re going through a hard, hard time. We don’t never know what’s going to happen, you know’,” he said.”

It’s bad, it’s bad. I don’t know.”

The loss is compounded by the timing, less than a week before Christmas, the friend said.

Burn marks on the house now testify to the tragedy that unfolded Thursday afternoon.

Now relatives are working to set up a GoFundMe account in the coming days as the reality of this nightmare begins to sink in for friends and family members alike.

The relatives can be reached through Emmanuel Ballah, a journalist working with Radio Gbarnga, a local radio station in Bong, on: 0888885336