Kpatawee Waterfall Generating Incomes For Bong Villagers


Kpatawee Clan, Bong County – The charms of the Kpatawee waterfalls in Suakoko district have been generating an income of $13,000 Liberian dollars monthly for its villagers since the new management was elected by officials of the district, a FrontPage Africa tour of the clan has established.

With an eco-tourism project that focuses around the waterfall, the education of children in the village have been financially taken care of with the income generated from such projects.

Project manager Jerry Gorlormator said since they benefited a lot from the income-generating source. Mr. Gorlormator said the idea was an initiative of their elders, many who had passed on. “We received a grant from a non-governmental organization so that we could develop the area surrounding the waterfall,” he said.

“The project is mainly undertaken by 20 youths in the village who spearhead the project seeing that the area surrounding the waterfall is clean and up to standard at all times.

“Through utilizing the grant given by the NGO, we have been able to uplift our livelihood as money made from the project is used to address other village needs.”

Mr. Gorlormator said there had been so many tourists coming to the waterfall over the years, especially those from that visited the area. Continuing, he added: “We dream of developing the area and we aim to create recreational events center on the waterfall,” he said.

“We also have future plans to build rest houses and change rooms close to the waterfall. At the moment, we charge $100 Liberian dollars for adults and $50 Liberian dollars for children that wish to visit the waterfall.”

The Kpatawee waterfall, most commonly known among locals as the heart of Bong County, is a natural wonder not to be missed. The fall can be reached from a village in a tolerable time of 45 minutes.

The village is positioned amongst high rises and deep valleys. Many locals who do farming reside in the village, many of which generate income from growing rice and bananas. You will pass forests of banana plants, waiting for the sun to aid with their ripening.

An abundance of bananas plants will appear ripened with red berries waiting to be picked, dried, milled and exported. Amidst the hike you

Due to this fact you would acquire many followers along the route, young children fascinate our sweaty faces and peculiar accents, trying to lead us further up the peak.

The change in terrain and altitude for that matter isn’t for the faint hearted, or the ‘not-so-fit’ in my case. You have to bear a good sense of balance to cross the slimmest of paths segregating running streams from plummeting valleys.

Selma Lomax, [email protected]