Liberia: Grand Gedeans Reply Nancy Doe, Threaten Lawsuit Against Former First Lady For Fake, Unfounded Allegations Against Rep. Pennue


MONROVIA – A group of aggrieved Grand Gedean Citizens under the umbrella “Concerned Grand Gedeh Citizens” has termed as complete falsehood, fake news, act of a paid agent, recent allegations levied against the county’s District#1 Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue.

A fortnight ago, former Liberian First Lady Nancy Doe alleged that Representative Pennue is responsible for the death of former NPA Deputy Port Manager Cheyee Doe. The former First Lady also claimed that her kinsman Pennue is in possession of documents of properties belonging to her late husband Samuel Kayon Doe, and called on Grand Gedeans not to elect him as Senator in the impending December 8 midterm Senatorial election.

Mrs. Doe’s incendiary comments have also taken the local news outlets by storm, also dominating various social media platforms with the anticipation of achieving a certain political objective at the detriment of Mr. Pennue’s reputation and hard won character that he has built over the years.

However, some aggrieved Grand Gedeh citizens have found out that these allegations are unfounded, misleading, misguided, and are completely totally based on falsehoods.

“Mrs. Doe’s claims are outlandish, fake, and an act purely sponsored by Representative Penuue’s political opponents meant to divide the people of Grand Gedeh County and score unmerited political goal.”

“We want to categorically condemn this fake and malicious news that has been circulating the public in recent days by former First Lady Nancy B. Doe,” the Concerned Grand Gedeans, a conglomeration of prominent citizens of Grand Gedeh County said in its press release issued in Monrovia today.

The Grand Gedeh Citizens totally reject these false claims. In contrast, the group said Representative Pennue has got nothing to do with ill-gotten wealth as being alleged by his detractors. Instead, the group said lawmaker Pennue is a credible, loving, hardworking, and a professional man who has demonstrated his commitment and loyalty for the people of Grand Gedeh over the years.

“The fact that Madam Nancy Doe made these uninhabited allegations without providing any prove to substantiate her claims means that she should not be taken seriously,” says Amos Zelee, spokesman for the Concerned Grand Gedeans debunked the allegations.

“It’s very disappointing and saddened to hear that our former First Lady has shamefully reduced herself to be a mere paid agent for some unprepared opposition politicians from Grand Gedeh County.”

The Concerned Grand Gedeh Citizens also accused the former First Lady of receiving US$1, 500 (One Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollars) from some of Representative Pennue’s political opponents whose intentions are to defeat his Senatorial bid.

The group pointed out that Mrs. Doe’s calls for Grand Gedeans to not elect Mr. Pennue as their Senator should suggest to any well-meaning Grand Gedeh citizen that her comments are not based on facts but a mere and futile propaganda staunch squarely centered on fake news, misinformation, disinformation, and complete hatred for lawmaker Pennue all in the interest of some political underdogs. 

The Grand Gedeh citizens, who hail from various districts across the county, have demanded an open apology from Mrs. Nancy Doe and also vowed to seek legal redress if their demands are not met.

“We are asking Mrs. Doe and all those involved in this dangerous propaganda spree to immediately desist from this act. We are also calling on Mrs. Nancy Doe to immediately apologize to Honorable Zoe Emmanuel Pennue for her denigrating comments which have no bearing of truth but rather complete misinformation and disinformation campaign against our venerable lawmaker who has worked and contuses to work very hard for the interest of Grand Gedeh County.”

The Grand Gedeh Citizens also reminded Mrs. Doe and her political cronies that they will never forget the tireless and selfless sacrifices that Representative Pennue continues to make for the forward movement of Grand Gedeh County.

“We are reminded by the enormous development and people-centered initiatives that Representative Pennue has brought to Grand Gedeh County. We are not moved by this vain political ploy that is being instigated by some opposition politicians who are hiding behind our former First Lady to achieve their devilish political agenda at the detriment of the people of Grand Gedeh County.”

In spite of the ongoing misinformation crusade being perpetrated against Representative Pennue, the aggrieved Grand Gedeans have vowed to continue their support to the lawmaker and will never pay attention to dictators.

“We are calling on all Grand Gedeans to be watchful of said political chicaneries as move closely toward these campaigns. We lastly want to sound a caveat that Representative Pennue remains our man to lead Grand Gedeh County.