Grand Bassa County: Physically Challenged Community Gets Christmas Package


Buchanan, Grand Bassa –  The Management of the National Lottery Authority or NLA on Thursday December 20 , 2018 provided huge christmas package to people living with disabilities in Grand Bassa County.

NLA’s Management provided 120 bags 25kg rice , 15 gallons of argo oil, 4 cartoons of vita , 2 used clothes bags , and four cartoons of washing soap amongst others.

Neved P. Kortu , Deputy Director General of NLA,  conveyed the Authority’s Board of Directors’ Christmas greetings to the disabled community, wishing them peaceful, productive and prosperous New Year, 2019.

Hon. Kortu  said he was designated to lead the first donation process December 17 – 20 , 2018 to ensure that the assorted food and non-food items reach the designated charitable institutions .

“This donation covers charitable organizations, Group of 77 , National Union of Organization of the Disabled , schools of the Blind and Deaf , Christian Association of the Blind amongst other”, he said.

Kortu continued : ” This is the NLA’s own way of identifying with you this festive season. We want you to have something  to keep you up this season”.

The Deputy Director General further disclosed that NLA’s Christmas package is the first and there is are master plans to increase supports to the disabled community.

He said this year’s charitable donation by  NLA covers three counties , Grand Bassa , Montserrado and Margibi counties.

” We are distributing the total of 1,456  bags 25 kg rice , 167 gallons of Vegetable oil, 30 cartoons of Vita Cube , 30 bales of used clothes , 60 cartoons of Medicare Bathing soap and washing soap.

“We are also distributing 25 bags of sugar, 13 cartoons of small and large milk , 24 bags of onion.”

Receiving the items , Joseph Kortu , coordinator of the National Union of Organization of the Disables ( NUOD ) Grand Bassa Chapter mentioned that the donation was timely.

According to him, they had no hope for the Christmas celebration due to the lack of food.

“We were all thinking how to get something for this Christmas but thanks to God for NLA’s timely intervention,” Kortu added.

Peter Jimmy, Coordinator, Group of 77 chapter in Grand Bassa told FrontPageAfrica that he was surprised to see a  truck load with items entering their yard.

He said most of disabled people go in the street to beg just to get something for the Christmas.

” I want to say thank you to NLA for their donation toward us because, we had nothing at all for this Christmas,” Jimmy said.