Grand Bassa County: Lawmaker Holds Peace and Reconciliation Forum


Buchanan – Representative Thomas Alexander Goshua of electoral District 5, Grand Bassa County, on May 14, Unification Day held the district’s first peace and reconciliation event with stakeholders and constituents, at the same time, inducting officials of the district development council into office.

Goshua, who was elected last year and replaced Robertson Siawaye, told citizens at the well-attended gathering that the election has been long over and it was time to work together and collectively develop the district.

“Today, I want to let you know that it’s time to put our district that has been described as empty district first and erase that from the minds of people,” Goshua noted.

“During the election, we said plenty bad things against each other but I have come to you to say sorry and I am willing to take the blame”.

Representative Goshua recounted that 27,299 persons voted during the election but he believes that all the electorate voted for him since he won the race.

“I am the representative of this district and I know that you all voted for me that’s why I won the rest of the 11 persons,” he asserted.

“I need you all to work with me, if you refused we are not going to move forward, you and I can make this district a good place for living.”

Deputy House Speaker Prince Moye, who attended the event and inducted the officials of the DDC, called on the district officials to work in the interest of their constituency and avoid pushing their own self-gains.

“This DDC is responsible to work with Hon. Goshua to develop this district; if this district is not developed the citizens are going to hold you the DDC responsible and not Thomas Goshua.”

“I will give LD$100,000 to help you start your work as DDC because I want to see things changing in the next six years”, Moye mentioned.

Gus Garmondeh, Statutory Superintendent of the district, hailed Hon. Goshua for bringing unity to the district since his ascendency.

“There have been problems amongst elders but today it has been settled; we citizens when against each other but the reconciliation program that Hon. Goshua brought to us have put us together again,” he said.

Deyeatee Kardor, a resident of the district, thanked the lawmaker of for forming the DDC, which he’s about confident working to coordinate development projects in the district. Kardoer also thanked the lawmaker for his efforts to reconcile people of the district.

The lawmaker also provided 100 bundles of zincs to constituents to be used for the renovation of dilapidated roofs of homes in the district ahead of the rainy season.