Gbarpolu County Legislative Caucus Dismisses Claims of Impeding Development in the County


MONROVIA – The Gbarpolu County Legislative Caucus has frowned on some critics who have blamed the Caucus of delaying developments in the County.

The Caucus, in a release issued on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, said that since the election of its officials, Rep. A. Kanie Wesso as Chair, Rep. Joseph Matthews Jr. as Co-Chair, and Rep. Alfred G. Koiwood as Secretary respectively, hosted its first meeting February 7, 2019 and invited the County Superintendent, J. Keyeah Saah and the Project Management Committee Chair, Sam K. Zinnah, for a meeting on February 20, 2019 to furnish the Caucus with detailed information of the County, ranging from the overall status of the County, ongoing, completed and uncompleted projects from 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, to which said meeting was not held due to situations beyond the control of the County Officials.

The release noted that due to the urgent nature of development in the County, the Caucus has rescheduled the meeting with the Superintendent and the PMC Chair for March 18, 2019 to provide an insight on developments in the county which will lead to the hosting of a Citizen Conference and the subsequent holding of the County Sitting.

“Without reports on the status of the County and projects from the period under review, it is highly impossible to set a pace for the County Sitting owing to the fact that we have a new leadership that needs to be briefed and therefore, we are asking them to attend the rescheduled meeting to help us appreciate the intricacy of the status of the County,” Rep. Wesso, Chairman, Gbarpolu Legislative Caucus has said.

The release noted that the Caucus is in full readiness to execute its functions through coordination to effect development in the County.