Gbarpolu County Lawmaker ‘Troubled’ By Low Skill Capacity of Youths


Bopolu – Gbarpolu County District 1 Lawmaker Alfred G. Koiwood says he’s troubled by the low skill capacity of youths in the county, as he calls for combined efforts to address the situation.

Report by Wilie N. Tokpah, [email protected]

According to Representative Koiwood, while government exerts efforts to address other development challenges, it is important for young people to prepare for jobs.

“Not every one of you may have the opportunity to go to college, not every one of you may have the means of going to Monrovia to obtain vocational skills,” he told graduates of the Gbarpolu County Professional School of Driving at the weekend when 19 persons completed the program.

“Therefore, other stakeholders in the county must see the need to provide you vocational education… this will help you to be self-supportive and not to always rely on lawmakers or senators to give you money from his pocket.” 

However, the lawmaker said the need to provide more space for vocational skills training should be a collaborative effort of all stakeholders of the county.

He added that he is already offering free vocational training programs in the county. 

This skill training focused on the areas of computer skills training and driving. It is looking to expanding the program shortly. 

The program started in 2014 and has trained several young people in within five different operational circles.

At the fifth graduation ceremony, the lawmaker admonished young people of the county to focus on vocational skills training, which will better prepare them to deal with future challenges.

“You are here today, you must be thinking about replacing me, Senator Jallah, Representative Wesso or any county officials. So see this as a preparation process,” Representative Koiwood said, adding that acquiring skills would foster development.