Four Counties Service Centers Record Over 22,000 Service Users


Grand Bassa County – The four County Service Centers (CSCs) currently operating in Liberia have reported that a staggering 22,363 persons who have obtained services over a short period.

County Service Center (CSC) is a one-stop shop where documentation services relating to permits, licenses and certifications are offered at same quality and cost in Monrovia.

The County Service Center is part of the National Deconcentration Platform, which is primarily intended to bring services closer to the people.

The service centers include Grand Bassa County Service Center, Margibi County Service Center, Bong County Service and Nimba county Service Center.

A press release from the Ministry of Internal Affairs says except for the Grand Bassa County Service Center which began operations in July 2015, the other three CSCs were opened in the second quarter of 2016.

The Grand Bassa CSC reports 6,775 service users from July 2015 to end of October 2016.

The Margibi County Service Center opened on April 22, 2016 reported a total of 8,382 service users from that time to the end of October 2016.

According to the press release, from April-end of October 2016, the Bong County Service Center reported a total of 4,564 service users.

From May-September, 2016 the Nimba County Service Center reported 2,642 service users.

Combined, the four County Service Centers recorded over thirteen million Liberian Dollars in revenue for services that are paid for.

During the period, the Grand Bassa CSC recorded LD$6,802,310.00, the Bong county Service Center recorded LD$1,635,888.6, while the Nimba CSC recorded LD$ 890,260.00.

At the same time, the Margibi CSC recorded LD$3,747,180.00 and USD$46,579.22 respectively. According to Margibi CSC Coordinator Mr. Sam Artis, the United States Dollars component was raised exclusively through the issuance of vehicle registration, license plates and Driver’s License which were recently added as part of services at the Service Center.

The Internal Affairs Ministry, in its capacity as Coordinator for Deconcentration, said services include Birth Certificates, Psychosocial and Labor related cases  are offered free of charge, while others which are paid-for are Business registration, Land Deed Registration and Marriage certificates among others.

Implementation of the Liberia Decentralization Support Program (LDSP) is funded by the European Union, Swedish Government, USAID, UNMIL and UNDP.