Family Hints Evicting Solway Mining In Nimba For Negotiating Land With ‘Wrong Parties’


MONROVIA – Solway Mining Liberia Limited while dealing with an encroachment allegation raised by steel giant ArcelorMittal, some of the beneficiaries of the intestate estate of the Late Lassana B. Dunbar, are also raising allegations that the company is illegally negotiating the lease of some 600 acres of land the company is currently occupying.

The aggrieved administrators, through their lawyer, Cllr. Jamal C. Dehtho, Jr. of the Dehtho and Partners wrote the company on November 9, 2021 – one of several communications written – informing the company of its alleged illegal transaction and the need for them to desist immediately.

The administrators of the property, according to the lawyer include Mr. Abu Dunbar, Rev. Dr. Simeon L. Dunbar and Mr. Mohammed K. Dunbar(“Client”).

According to the communication, the 600 acres of land lies and is situated in Sehyi Clan, Sanniquellie Mah, District #2, Nimba County (the “Property”), a portion of which Solway Mining Liberia Limited (TIN 500881717)( “Solway”) is currently illegally occupying and carrying out mining exploration activities under an exploration license (License # MEL 8000119) granted by the Republic of Liberia without our Client’s consent.

“Our Client has informed us that Solway, without appropriate due diligence, negotiated a lease with individuals who are not owners of the land and has also started negotiation for the payment of surface rental of the portion of the Property Solway is currently occupying to unknown individuals without their consent and approval,” the communication stated.

According to the law firm, Solway’s continued use and occupancy of our Client’s property, without any pecuniary gains to our Client, is in violation of the Land Rights Act of Liberia, and a denial of our Client’s right to the exclusive possession and enjoyment of their Property rights as guaranteed under the Constitution and Statutory laws of the Republic of Liberia.

Solway has reportedly on many occasions failed to show up on conferences called to have the land issue settled.

FrontPageAfrica could not get comments from Solway or the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The Administrators through their lawyer demand that Solway immediately refrain and desist from any further negotiations with parties who are not owners of said Property and that any negotiation pertaining to the land be done directly with our Client through their legal counsel.

“Failure to desist from further negotiating payments or any other issue pertaining to our Client’s property without our direct involvement, would leave us with no further alternative but to institute the appropriate legal action against Solway to enjoin and have Solway evicted and made to pay the appropriate damages as a result of your unlawful occupancy of our Client’s property,” the lawyer stated.

According to the Administrators, they have also not been able to get redress from the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

It can be recalled that President George Weah recently disclosed that he has close ties with the owners of Solway Mining.

While speaking on the stalemate between ArcelorMittal and Solway, in his address to a group of Nimbains, President Weah said, “Solway people are my family… They’re my friends, we lived together in the same house so it tells you I’m in their interest…”