Deputy Speaker Moye Gives L$700k to Graduates, Staff of Zianzue Vocational Training Program


Zianzue, Bong County – At a jammed pack program to honor several young people graduating as the pioneering class of the Hon. Prince K. Moye Vocational Training Program in Ziansue, District 2, Bong County, Deputy Speaker Prince Moye motivated the graduates and teaching staff with over L$700,000.

According to Dep. Speaker Moye, L$600,000 of the amount is intended to boost and empower graduates of the vocational training program to do joint projects that will benefit the school and community as well; while L$50,000 each is given to the teachers and kitchen staff as appreciation for the level of work.

Rep. Moye expressed satisfaction over the enthusiasm in young people to get empowered and impact society with several skills. “At the start, I was worried about the success of the training program taking into consideration the growing need for survival among young people but it turned out differently; so I am happy that you people have made District #2 proud.”

He indicated that though the support is coming from him as a representative, it is important that the institution be named after the town (Zianzue) to promote ownership and avoid political implications. “I don’t want it to be surrounded by politics when we are making efforts to get young people empowered which is a priority for me but let the school be named after the town so citizens can own the process.”

The 230 graduates, majority of whom were young people, walked out of the 1st cycle of the vocational training program, which was conducted in Carpentry, Masonry, Baking, Soap Making (Soap Science), Agriculture and Computer. 

Presenting the graduates, the school’s Director, Alex G. Flomo, pointed out that the three-month course was intensive in order to prepare young people for the job market.

Flomo stated that based on the need of other students, the school will add tailoring in the next cycle of training which will make the courses sever. “All equipment for the next level of the training is arriving on campus; we have added tailoring, that tells you that we are making progress to impact young people.”

“We were given US$8,000 to run the program for three months, we provided housing and feeding and an impressive salary for all our teachers in order to focus more on making the best for Liberia and we are proud today that 230 students are satisfactorily graduating in six disciplines,” he noted.

Serving as Guest Speaker, Civicus Barsi-Giah of the National Port Authority admonished the students to concentrate on the fruitfulness of their discipline and capture opportunities so that they will bring about the change they desire.

Barsi-Giah recounted his livelihood as a child and many great people in Liberia including Rep. Moye, Bill Tweahway and Pres. George Weah to serve as a motivation to the graduates.

“Life doesn’t have one side; no one in life is ever forgotten. Remember, you can change what you want to change; translate those visions into meaningful ideas because you are you own champion,” Barsi-Giah inspired his audience.

Students from the six departments of lauded Deputy Speaker Moye for the initiative that will create more jobs and empowerment for less fortunate.

“I happy that our Father, Hon. Moye, who sponsored this program. Today, I am graduating knowing how to bake all kinds of bread and cake. This will help empower me to start my own business and support my kids,” Yassah Flomo, a student from the Baking Department.

“I now know everything on the computer, like rebooting, creating folders and saving files; using Microsoft Word and improving my typing skills so I am overly grateful to Hon. Moye for the program. Please continue to do more for our people,” another female student from the Computer Department, said.