Decentralizing in Action -Transport Ministry Begins Services in Kakata


Margibi County – Citizens of Kakata City in Margibi County and nearby surrounding, who had to travel to Monrovia to get Driver license and other vehicles related documents can finally get these services at the newly opened Ministry of Transport Service Center in Kakata, Margibi County.

Report by Mae Azango – [email protected]

Performing the official opening ceremony of Transport Ministry Service Center Thursday, Minister Angela C. Bush said the opening of the Ministry of Transport’s window at the Kakata Service Center is a clear manifestation of the Government’s commitment to its people.

Minister Bush said at the window, all transport related services including but not limited to Driver License, Vehicle registration, eligibility certificates etc, will now be taking place in Kakata to bring tangible improvements in the lives of the people.

“For the first time in the history of this country that our transport related services are now being delivered outside of the Capital Monrovia. Today, if you need to register your vehicles or obtain a valid driver’s license, you do not have to go to Monrovia, it is right here with you in Kakata, and it is here to stay,” said Minister Bush.

She added “It will further improve the quality and access to transport related services that are offered at the Ministry of Transport in Monrovia. With an office in the region, we can also monitor garages and other transport related services closer to ensure compliance with our regulations. We will do vehicles inspections here too”.

As decentralization of Government activities throughout the country remains a challenge to the Country’s growth and development the Ministry of Transport says the next move is to open a branch in Grand Bassa County in continuation of its decentralization process throughout the Country.   

“For too long our people have been left out, due to lack of decentralization in the Country. People can now leave from Grand Bassa, Nimba and Bong Counties and come to our services here instead of going all the way to Monrovia, because Monrovia is not Liberia alone,” Margibi County Superintendent John Z.  Buway said.

Making remarks at the opening ceremony, Superintendent Buway said they have been able to raise over two Million Liberian Dollars and over 26,000 United States Dollars to add up Liberia’s revenue at the service center, since they started operations about three months ago, but said it is difficult to continue without funds to operate.

“Through this medium, I want to recommend that the Liberia Revenue Authority, (LRA) allows the Center to receive potion of that money generated by the Service Center, to run the generator. It is very difficult to run a generator that uses over 15 gallons of fuel from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily and since we have raised over US$24,000 and over 2 million Liberian Dollars, there is nothing left for us to run the generator”, the Superintendent said.

He expressed thanks to the Margibi County Legislative caucus for allowing them to use part of the County Development Fund to get fuel for the generator.

“We are grateful to the caucus for allowing us to use portion of the County development funds, (CDF), to supply fuel for the generator, and you know it is not easy to negotiate for CDF. So, now that we have the Ministry of Transport to join us, we are appealing to LRA that some of the funds raised, should remain here to run the center,” said Superintendent Buway.

The Superintendent also suggested that the Transport Minister makes use of the people on the ground that are qualified to do the job and not look outside, because according to him there are qualified people in Kakata, Margibi, who can do the work.

Others attending the program included Kakata Mayor Eddie Murphy, who thanked the Transport Minister for opening the Service Center in Margibi.

Mayor Murphy said it will afford people the opportunity of registering their vehicles without traveling to Monrovia.

District #3 Representative Stephen S. Kafi said decentralization in other countries is helping to speed up Government processes because it is reducing heavy burden on Government and at the same time giving the services needed to speed up Government’s work.

Other guests at the Program were: Darlington Y. Talery, Assistant Commissioner for Domestic Tax LRA, Nelson Freeman, Chief of Public Safety, Liberian National Police, (LNP) and other Margibi Citizens including chiefs and elders.

Services provided at the Kakata service center include: issuance of traditional Marriage certificate, Western Marriage certificate, Business Registration, Letter of Administration, Agreement, deed registration, Contractor’s license, Labor cases, Labor Inspections, Petit Trade, Foreign owned Corporation, Driver License, zoning and Land use permit, etc.