Cuttington University Commencement Speaker Admonishes Graduates to be Ethical


Suakoko, Bong County – Serving as commencement Speaker at Cuttington University over the weekend, Cllr. Oswald Tweh called for the prioritization of children’s education.

Report by Mae Azango [email protected]

“The education and wellbeing of our children should be a priority,” he told the crowded commencement hall in Bong County.

“Our resources should be utilized in a coordinated and focused manner, so that all of our children will have an affordable education.”

“We should always remember that our children are the future of our nation, and no nation has ever reached its full potential without an adequate educated and skilled manpowered base.”

The jammed packed campus of the University was greeted by rain but that did not stop graduates, staff and clergy of the Episcopal Diocese, alumni, legislators, parents and well-wishers from attending.

The commencement Speaker said Liberians have a lot of work to do to ensure that the future generation is equipped.

“We are once again called on to put our people first; we must embark on a crusade to educate the children of our country in order to restore hope in them.”

“This calls for a national educational policy that will transform the educational system of our country and meet the needs of our citizens, by starting their potential and giving them hope and meeting their aspirations in a collective manpower need.”

“This national policy has to be developed by all. Let education be that one thing that all Liberians can agree upon. It is high time we set aside political affiliation and agree on our education policy to ensure it works in order to meet the needs of our nation.”

Be ethical

Cllr. Tweh told the graduates to do away with unethical behavior that could become a problem in the society. He cautioned each of them to take their ethical observation seriously in dealing with others, ensuring that their word is their bond.

“Let your actions serve as an example to everyone. Please be ethical in all your undertakings, because a good name is better than riches. The theme is to be disciplined, never resort to violence, never disrespect the rules of society or disrespect others. “

“Continue to abide by the rules and norms of society, because as a leader you will have to command. But how will you command when you do not know how to obey? You have to prepare yourself by learning to obey.”

“Be industrial and honest, an idle person is useless to any purpose. Be ready to do small things and do not say, I am just from college, so this job is too small for me, because if you cannot do the small job, you will not be given the opportunity to do the big job. Your duty should include being punctual and observe time; I mean the universal time and not the Liberian Time.”

He further urged the graduates to remain steadfast because there will be disappointment and failure, but the important thing is not to give up.

Dr. D. Evelyn Kandakai, Cuttington University Interim President, gave an overview of the University and said she was happy to serve the church as the first female President of Cuttington. 

She also bestowed the degree upon the graduates. She thanked past and present Alumni who contributed to the University, including- Mr. & Mrs. Benoni Urey for renovation of the Epiphany Chapel on the University Campus, Publisher and Mrs. Kenneth Y. Best for giving 32 male and female African Masks.   

Cllr. Tweh was awarded the doctorate of honor degree, and the presentation of candidate for honorary degree was given by Dr. Theodore V. K. Browne, Vice President for Academic Affairs. While Episcopal Church, Bishop Rev. Dr. Jonathan B.B. Hart presented the wooden plate.

Cuttington University graduated 689 out 721 qualified candidates because the remaining students did not meet their financial obligations.

A total number of 298 graduates came from Cuttington Graduate School and Professional Studies, 351 from the undergraduate program, and 24 students from the Jr. College, and 15 students from Peace and Development.

Also at the program was senior 20 year old student Cecelia Kanneh, Cuttington University Cultural Ambassador. She was dressed in her full African costume and hails from Foya Lofa County. The most interesting thing about her, she speaks three languages, Gbandi, Kissi and Mende.

“I am Biology major and I wish to be a doctor to serve my county and country as a whole. I urge my fellow students to take their studies seriously to be useful citizens tomorrow.”