Cuttington University Alumni Association in the Americas Provides University with 15 Solar Panel Kits


Suakoko, Bong County – Cuttington University in Suakoko, Bong County is moving forward on the path of sustainability   – thanks to Cuttington University Alumni Association in the Americas.

The Association has provided 15 Firefly Classic GoSlow Solar Panel kits in the main dormitories of its alma mater, all pro bono.

Archway Enterprises, Liberia Ltd. installed fifteen (15) Firefly Solar Power Lights at Cuttington University, Suacoco, Bong County, on October 19-20, 2019.

The installation has begun, and the solar panels will be being mounted top of the various dormitories. The 15 panels would provide enough solar energy to power the various dormitories, help to reduce financial costs and use less electricity, according to Mr. Hermann Blumenthal, CUAAA’s executive committee member.

“We have a mission to provide students the opportunity to experience the benefits of solar energy as they learn how to incorporate sustainable practices into their lives,” said Blumenthal

Based on the working condition of all 15 units, CUAAA has committed to paying $ 4,461.30 per the invoice. The installation as per the allocation for each dorm include: Rally Hall: 3, B. W. Harris Hall: 2, Dormitory “A”: 1, Dormitory “B”: 1, Dormitory “C”: 1, Dormitory “D”: 1, Dormitory “E”: 1, Dormitory “G”: 1, Gardner Dormitory: 2 and Cafeteria Hall: 2.

Blumenthal said bringing solar energy on campus is something he envisioned. “Being able to bring solar energy to my alma mater through the partnership of other members of CUAAA in the United States of America is a dream come true,” he said.

Continuing, he added: “There were so many times as a student I would around campus, look at the rooftops and think “that would be a perfect place for the solar panels.”

Edwina Jallah, a first-year student, praised CUAAA for being farsighted. “This intervention is laudable. It will go a long way for boarding students, especially during the dry season,” she said.

For the Alumni Association in the US, the latest contribution to the university is one of a long list of endless possibilities it aims to continue.  “Our Goal remains to assist in the ” rebuilding  of Cuttington  University in its  entirety, and we will not rest, until that is done. May the light we see on Cuttington University  campus, continue  to drive us to do more,” Glendy Junius-Reeves, the association’s president told FPA Wednesday.