Cllr. Jallah constructs New Bridge in Wanhasa District, Lofa County


LOFA COUNTY – Amid scenes of jubilation, residents of Wanhasa in electoral District #1, Lofa County converged in various traditional outfits to participate in the dedication ceremony of a new bridge linking Liberia and neighboring Sierra Leone. 

Before its construction, residents of the district complained of the many challenges they faced in crossing the Maiya river, a key crossing point between Liberia and Sierra Leone 

Up until the intervention of Cllr. Joseph K. Jallah, the lack of bridge on this major route linking Liberia and neighboring Sierra Leone created serious embarrassment for commuters moving in and out of both countries.  

Speaking at the dedication ceremony of the bridge recently, Lofa County senatorial hopeful Cllr. Joseph k.Jallah informed his people that his humanitarian activities has no boundary and that he will always be available to help his people in whatever way possible  when  called upon.

He thanked the citizens of Yangima Town in  Wanhasa and their Sierra Leoneans neighbors for ensuring the successful completion of the project, urging them to peacefully co-exist. 

How did we get here?

Yangima Town is situated in Lower Hasala Clan, Wanhasa District Lofa County; the Town is close to the Sierra Leone border and also has a major rout to enter the Republic of Sierra Leone. 

The route from Yangima to Maandopolahun Town in Sierra Leone has a river called Maiya. The Maiya river is said to be one of the dangerous rivers in the Hasala Clan that has allegedly claimed several lives and properties mostly during the rainy seasons. Due to the lack of modern bridge over the Maiya River years back, economic activities and social interactions were impeded, making lives extremely difficult for residents of the neighboring towns and villages in both countries (Liberia and Sierra Leone)

For several years, residents of Wahansa complained to past and present appointed and elected officials of the county to ensure that a bridge is constructed on this major route but to no avail. 

However, seeing the many circumstances, especially the dangerous means of crossing this river over the years coupled with multiple request from the citizens of the District, Cllr. Jallah decided to intervene to ease the suffering of his people. 

JKJ to their rescue 

As part of his routine Christmas celebration (which he has always spent in the county), Cllr, Jallah was joined by scores of citizens, local officials of Wanhasa as well as some county officials to officially dedicate then newly constructed bridge which has brought lots of relief to the people of Wanhasa. Residents of neighboring towns and villages in Sierra Leone also trooped in to witness the historic dedication of the bridge.