Calm Returns to Jackson F. Doe Hospital


Tappita, Nimba County – Calm has returned at the Jackson Faih Doe Referral Hospital in Tappita, Lower Nimba County following the intervention of the County Superintendent, David Dorr Cooper.

Superintendent Cooper on Friday, August 2, visited the area and convened a joint meeting with the hospital administration and the aggrieved Tappita residents. 

During the meeting, Supt. Cooper categorically stated that his countrymen and women, who were part of the riot, were right to stop the removal of any equipment from the hospital.

The Nimba Supt. blamed the lack of proper communication between the hospital administration and the town’s residents, who are the most benefiters of the hospital.

He then setup a committee headed by the head of the Nimba County Health Team, Dr. Philip Saah, who will conduct an investigation and report back to Supt. Cooper within a week.

During the meeting, the aggrieved Tappita residents accused the hospital administration of secretly trying to remove several pieces of equipment from the hospital.

Tappita’s concerned citizens’ heads, who led the rioters, Rufus Seahzee Yormie and Steve Demey, told the gathering that the Jackson Faih Doe Hospital, which was built with the intend for referral has now turned into a prescription center where they only see patients and send them out to buy drugs from pharmacy. They also alleged that many materials, including vehicles that were donated to the Jackson Faih Doe Hospital can’t be accounted for.

He alleged that the hospital recently received 250 bags of 25kg rice, which was intended to be given to the employees but they are yet to receive the rice.

Some of the doctors, including foreign, are said to be planning to leave the facility on ground that their lives are not safe as a result of incident on August 1, 2019.

The aggrieved residents on August 1, 2019 barricaded the hospital and placed health workers under house arrest.

The rumor of a high powered delegation’s arrival from Monrovia to take away some key medical equipment from the hospital triggered the riot. 

Prior to the citizens’ action, authorities of the hospital appeared on the local radio station in Tappita, informing the locals about the arrival of a delegation from JFK Memorial Hospital in Monrovia.

During the meeting with the Supt, the aggrieved residents disclosed that the first machine was allegedly secretly removed from JFD and that piece of equipment is currently being used at another hospital.

Speaking further, Supt. Cooper urged the citizens to live in harmony with the doctors.

Also speaking the Mayor of Tappita, Madam Sarah Mendabor, pledged the local authorities’ support toward the hospital and called on Supt. Cooper to set up a new board for the hospital as it has been without a functional board for the last six years, according to her.

For his part the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the hospital, Dr. Saygbeh Vanyanbah apologized to the aggrieved Tappita residents.

Dr. Vanyanbah declined reports that several pieces of hospital equipment had been secretly removed.

He also stated on the issue of the rice, that he was informed by his staff of the rice that it was 150 bags and not 250 as alleged by the rioters’ leaders. He further explained that they decided to prioritize the patients’ welfare and that the rice was placed in the warehouse for the patients’ feeding.   

He confirmed that one of the machines was removed from the hospital and was given to Phebe Hospital in Gbarnga, Bong County. He stated that the CT Scan that was given to Phebe had gone through all the requite means before the machine was moved to Phebe by his seniors at the Ministry of Health. 

He then pledged the hospital’s support in working with the community for the betterment of the hospital.